Fall ’22 Makeup Trends

Fall is knocking on our doors and everybody is busy sorting their makeup bags! Come on, buck up, and start sorting through that clutter to get ready for the best fall makeup trends of ’22. From bold lips to feathery eyebrows, dewy skin to fall colors-inspired bleached brows — we have the best of TickTock and Instagram sensations right here!

Fall ’22 makeup trends — here we come!

1. Bold Vinyl Lips

As we mentioned above, bold lips are going to be in this fall. And why not? When nature is going bold with her oranges and reds and browns, we must too. Fall ’22 is going to be all about lips that are so bold and glossy that someone can see their reflection in them. A lot like vinyl. Therefore the name. You are free to choose your favourite lip color, but it is preferred if you stick to fall colors like brick reds, burgundy, rust or classic red. You can start with a glossy lip color or apply two coats of your favourite matte color, and then go over with a shiny, transparent lip gloss.

2. Blurry Lips

Another fall ’22 makeup trend for lips is blurry lips or blurred lips. They are also called popsicle lips. Unlike the previous one, this trend is all about sliding under the radar. Blurry lips don’t always stand out or pop. But they elevate a dignified look to the next level. Blurry lips look soft, with the shade of the color going from dark in the middle to lighter on the seams until the final line is smudged. This trend is great for low-maintenance as you may not even need to touch it up through the day.

3. Gemstone Eyes

You can blame Euphoria for this fall ’22 makeup trend. Crystals on eyes are going to be just as popular in the fall as they have been since the beginning of this year. Pearls and appliqués have been more trendy in the past months, but for fall, there are going to be gemstones on eyelined eyes.

4. Bleached Eyebrows

Bleached brows have been popular all this year. And they continue to grow in demand as most runways and fashion weeks have been sporting them. But beware — this trend is not for the faint-hearted, nor for those who want to look pretty but subdued. Bleached brows will mean your eyebrow hairs are dyed for a certain number of days, in fall colours like smokey orange or dusty red. You can experiment with the look before getting it though. Just use some concealer, glue sticks and setting powder for a temporary try.

5. Feral Feathered Eyebrows

Both these trends — feral brows and feathered brows are going to come together in the fall of ’22. And the best part is — you will be able to give up on those tweezers and waxing tools for a while. These brows are bushy and naturally thick, trumping over the perfectly shaped arches. You will just need to brush your brows out to keep them feathered, apply some brow gel to hold them and voila!

6. Underpainting

Underpainting is a makeup technique to create a natural glow look as if your skin is effortlessly lit from within. As if you carry a flush all the time. This is achieved by using a blush and cream bronzer under the foundation. Because you apply your foundation over your blush and bronzer, everything becomes muted, like cloaking a flame with tinted glass to make the lantern. Fall ’22 makeup trends are going to start with underpainting, which means you need to start practising to get it right!

7. Glazed Skin

Another makeup trend for the skin is the ‘glazed’ or dewy look. Fall is technically not the season for dewy, bright skin. That’s all gone by the time summer rolls to an end. But you can use skincare and makeup to create your glazed skin look. How? Simply by hydrating your skin very well, applying a rich moisturiser, and of course, by steaming your face to open the pores before exfoliation. Clear and clean skin will be your first step to the ‘glazed look’. Then it’s just a matter of makeup.

If you are riveted by the glazed skin look and wish to get it this fall, we have another easy idea for you — get a deep cleansing and hydrating facial. This way you will be able to not only care for your skin but also clear the canvas to look dewy and fresh, even when you play with makeup. Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa now to book an appointment for a customised facial. So that you are ready this fall!