Fall Holidays and How to Plan Your Skincare and Looks for Each?

Fall is peppered with a number of beautiful holidays and festivals. It’s like a grand prequel to the real holiday season. Autumn Equinox, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Diwali, Oktoberfest, Columbus Day, Rosh Hashanah… most religions and cultures around the world have at least one special occasion to celebrate in fall. And since we in America are a melting pot of cultures, we have a horde of parties and events to attend! So here’s your guide to fall holidays and how to plan your skincare and looks for each.

1. Autumn Equinox 

September 23

Celebrated all around the world

Autumn Equinox is technically not a ‘holiday holiday' here in America. But a lot many European (Scottish and Irish) origin communities go big to celebrate this geographical phenomenon. This is that time of the year when the day and the night are equal in length, and pagan offerings are made to celebrate the same. The season is also said to officially change from summer to fall. 

For your skincare, the autumn equinox should ideally be the day of change of routine. You must stow away your summer skincare products like lightweight moisturisers, drying cleansers, very high SPF sunscreen, cooling mists etc. It’s time to bring the big guns now — thick and creamy moisturiser, hydrating night serum, oil-based cleanser etc. Use of these will ensure that your skin doesn’t fall prey to fall’s drying weather.

2. Halloween 

October 31st

Halloween is one of the quintessential American holidays, growing bigger and bigger with every passing year. Pop culture has made sure that Halloween is also now celebrated by other communities in the country — with parties, dinners, trick-or-treats and elaborate spooky decorations outside their homes. This may be the night to pray for the souls of those departed, but Halloween is such fun, that everybody enjoys dressing up in costumes (mostly scary ones), applying makeup, and going candy-hunting through the neighbourhood.

Your skincare during Halloween should be to protect your skin more than anything else. Since you will be inevitably dressing up in your best costume and applying a ton of makeup to look like Count Dracula or Sabrina the Witch, you will need your skin ready. It is recommended to apply your toner and moisturise thoroughly before putting on any makeup or face paint. Most face paints are not good quality and may end up drying or irritating your skin if it is not protected. After Halloween, you must remove your makeup, double-cleanse your skin, and preferably get a detoxifying facial the next day. 

3. Thanksgiving 

Fourth Thursday of November 

Thanksgiving is a harvest festival celebrated grandly in the United States. We are known for our Thanksgiving weekends, Thanksgiving sales, and elaborate Thanksgiving dinners. From turkey feasts to pumpkin pies, and mashed potatoes to cranberry sauce — every family goes completely traditional with their dinner. Thanksgiving was originally celebrated as a mark of gratitude to the Native Indians, who helped the settlers with agricultural practices. Who helped them ease into this new land and new life.

Today, the trend has changed. We all meet at a family or friend’s place, bring in potluck recipes, and eat until bursting. So two tips for thanksgiving —

  • Wear loose and comfy clothes so that you can stuff yourself full, then again take seconds, and leftovers after a few hours! 
  • You will be celebrating indoors, so if you are hosting the dinner, then get a humidifier to soothe your skin in this drying weather. If you are visiting somebody else, then carry your moisturiser along to keep refreshing (thanksgiving dinners usually go quite late into the evening as everybody watches the parade or the game together). Sometimes there are also football or baseball matches organised in the backyard itself!

4. Diwali 


Diwali is an Indian festival of lights, to celebrate the victory of good. It marks the Hindu New Year, and almost every Indian-origin American will host a party. Exchanging gifts, sweets and lighting some fireworks are on the cards. But the dress code is usually Indian traditional, which means you will also be applying heavy makeup to match the look. 

Again a similar recommendation as on Halloween — create a very protective base for your makeup with toner and moisturiser. This will not only conserve your skin’s vitality but also make your makeup look even. 

To get yourself fall holiday ready, start with some TLC to your skin. Visit Savarnas Beauty Spa to indulge in a good facial or get yourself some permanent makeup like microblading, permanent eyeliner or permanent lip liner. These will come in handy when you have to dress up and put on makeup every time there is a fall holiday party. And with the list above, there are sure going to be many!