Fall Makeup and Color-Blocking Tips

Fall is such a great time to unleash the inner style fiesta in you. With the crisp, orange leaves painting the world fire, and cool weather allowing you to layer on, there is a rustic but beautiful feel to everything. It’s also the time of the launch of autumn-winter collections all around — from apparel to makeup, couture to bags. Some of the most common fall colours to wear (in clothes and makeup) are beiges, oranges, browns and whites. But there’s more to choosing the right fit and combos for you. Therefore, here we have a guide. Read on for fall makeup and color-blocking tips.

Fall Makeup Guide

The rule of thumb in any season is to match your colors to the colors of nature. So people prefer to wear bright sunny and bubbly makeup in summer, while they choose subdued and dark shades for winter. In autumn, the choices are a mix of dark, nude and of course — orange! Here are a few tips to plan your fall makeup:

1. Invest in an Orange-Hued Eyeshadow

Autumn is the best time to get some orange into your makeup. Take inspiration from the changing shades of leaves and get something as simple as an eyeshadow in orange. You can choose any tone on the orange spectrum, depending on your skin tone and preference. Since you will be sporting subdued monochrome or nude-colored clothes and coats for autumn, the orange eyeshadow will be a nice contrast.

But don’t apply the orange directly. Start by prepping the base with some light brown dusting of eyeshadow. On top of this — use your orange eyeshadow sparingly to get a simple look. Go darker as per your preference or for a festivity like Halloween! Some shimmer on the final layer will make your eyes sparkle.

2. Keep Your Blush Nude

Since you are applying orange eyeshadow quite often in the fall, keep the blush neutral. Orange and pink are bound to clash. So use a nude shade on your cheeks that will only slightly accentuate their shape and divert all attention to your eyes.

3. Deep Lips

Fall is not the time to play it coy. Go all out with some dark and matte colours on your mouth. Only, try and stay away from pinks. Colors like dark maroon, brown, deep mauve/wine, rusty orange or dark red are what elevate your fall dressing. Keep it very flat and matte, without much gloss. This will not only create a very chic vibe but also match the sombre mood of the season.

4. Simple but Dark Eyeliner

Since all your makeup colors are bound to be in the orange or red spectrum, give them some definition with simple black or brown eyeliner. Some may recommend graphic eyeliners, but if you want a look that’s appropriate in the office as well as at evening drinks, then go for dark cat-eye eyeliner or winged liner over your eyeshadow. Classic.

Fall Color-Blocking

Color-blocking is a technique used in fashion to pick color combos for your outfits. The logic is to ditch that boring pair of black pants or blue jeans all the time, and instead, choose bottoms in complimentary colours to match your top or other accessories. Simply put — it’s playing with colours to figure out what works for your skin tone, frame and personality. During fall, the colours one can play with are on the orange, brown, cream and white spectrum, Any fashion magazine will tell you that. But here we are going to tell you which of those will suit your skin tone.

A Cool Skin Tone

Undertone: Red, pink, bluish

Your skin looks best when paired with jewel tones. Be it emerald green or topaz yellow, ruby red or sapphire blue. For fall specifically, you can forego the usual oranges and creams, and instead opt for ruby reds that are more on the red spectrum and less on the pink. Even better — go for amethyst jewel tones, which means deep, deep purple. Pair one of these with snowy white and you will be standing out in any crowd!

A Warm Skin Tone

Undertone: Yellow, gold, olive

Your skin tone was created to enjoy all the fall colors. You represent the season in its vivid hues, so happily go ahead and choose all the earthy tones — from the gold of autumn leaves to the orange of pumpkin globes. Your best choice should be between rustic yellows, deep oranges and brick reds. Pair these with more creams and beiges, and you are golden! Literally.

  • Neutral Skin Tone

Undertone: Mix of both of the above

If your undertone is a confusing mess, it means you can carry both wheels of colours. Your skin tone is neutral, and hence it will look great in jewel tones as well as earthy tones. Only, you may find your skin too overwhelmed by very bright colours, so stick to muted shades like jades, bricks, and rust. You can go off-the-book and also bring some black into your color-blocking. Black accessories or even a coat may elevate the look.

We hope this blog on fall makeup and color-blocking helped you plan out your fall looks. Stay tuned with us at Savarnas Beauty Spa for more. So long.