French Girl Beauty Secrets for Flawless Skin

French girls are known around the world for their effortless and chic style. From their stylish clothes to their ‘perfectly’ imperfect hair, they steal the show every single time. What also sets them a class apart is their skin. They know just how to care for their skin, enhance it enough to look their best, and match aesthetics to their skin color and texture. If you have always been fascinated by the Parisian beauties strutting down small lanes, then here’s your chance at finding out about French girl beauty secrets for flawless skin!

Secret #1

Micellar Water

French girls swear by this simple secret when it comes to washing their faces. Their stores run out of micellar water regularly, that is how famous this little product is. Why micellar water? Because just tap water is not enough to clean the skin, as per French girls. The pH in tap water is quite high, and hence causes drying of the skin. Instead, micellar water is used to wash the face — this supplies ample moisture to the skin, rinses out any clogged pores, and even gets rid of makeup! Such a simple all-in-one.

Secret #2

Low-Key Makeup

French girls are not very high maintenance if you think about makeup. No heavy foundations, no contouring palettes, no highlighters of different degrees for different parts of the face. They believe they are too real to fake it or cover up any tiny flaws. What they do is, use specks of makeup to only highlight one particular feature of their face at a time. Some girls choose to only work some mascara and liner on their eyes, others run some brow gel on their eyebrows, while most choose the easy way and apply a tint or lip color on their mouth. It’s as simple as that! A typical French girl low key makeup is a gorgeous cherry or tomato-coloured lip tint for a natural pout, and some mascara on the lashes to subtly enhance the eyes.

Secret #3

Skincare > Makeup

French girls truly believe in this idea — that skincare is, any day, more important than makeup. And should hence be prioritised. In fact, many French girls hardly use any makeup. They rather invest in good skincare products. The tenet behind this is to maintain the natural texture, radiance and even small flaws of your skin. So rather than get that top-of-the-line foundation to hide their freckles or blemishes, the French girls prefer to use a good moisturiser and a solid serum to keep their skin looking naturally bright. They then enjoy flaunting minor flaws like a blemish or some dusting of freckles.

They also believe in accentuating what they already have. Like elongating their eyelashes with a swirl of mascara, or a thin swipe of eyeliner. They really live by the concept that beauty is not what you look like when you get ready for a party, but what you look like when you wake up. And they strive towards it with diligent facials and skincare routines. These are not just luxurious indulgences but their secret rituals that they never forego.

Secret #4

Dont Try too Hard

This is like a mantra that French girls chant to themselves. Because whatever they wear, however, they apply their makeup — they never try to look like they have put in any effort. In fact, after reading the above, you already know that they do_not_put any effort. This gives them an air of quiet, aesthetic confidence. When you find a French girl biting into a buttery croissant by the street, her red plump lips smudging or getting covered in flakes, you can’t help but admire her for her liberty and imperfect beauty.

Secret #5

Skincare Rituals Should be Pleasurable

This French girl beauty secret stems from the idea that skincare as well as beauty should first make you happy. Therefore all their beauty rituals, be it waxing or facials, makeup or a hot bath, are all meant to first give them pleasure. The by-product is that they look beautiful. What a thought to live by! Here in the USA, we spend thousands of dollars and too much stress on looking beautiful, while the French girls just choose the right treatments and enjoy the hell out of them to look easy and pretty. For them, a luxuriant facial is a way to pamper themselves, have a good moment in their day, and then look beautiful.

Secret #6

Perfume & Confidence

Parisian perfumeries are a thing of legends. After all, French girls live in their fragrances. They are known by their individual fragrances. This is not exactly about ‘beauty’ but it contributes to how they are perceived by the people around them. Because smell enhances looks. Confidence is drawn from spritzing perfume in Parisian homes, where this has almost become an art form. Your Chanel No. 5 should ideally be spritzed on the neck, on the back of your neck (if you expect a certain someone to go for a cozy embrace), on the inside of your wrists and nothing else. French girls are also known to spray some of their perfume on their travel clothes or inside their handbags to feel luxurious all day long.

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