Health Benefits of Getting a Facial

Facials feel like such a luxury, with all the fragranced products and soothing massaging motions. They are also very significant to the health and appearance of the skin. But did you know that facials have health benefits too? Surprised? 

Oh yes, facials, in addition to working on fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin and scarring, also impact your health and well-being. Let us see how in this blog of health benefits of getting a facial. 

Common Benefits of Facial

  • Combats Skin Problems like Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots, Acne etc
  • Hydrates your Skin
  • Renews and Rejuvenates your Skin
  • Promotes Healthy Skin Cell Turnover
  • Helps with Anti-aging

Health Benefits of Facial 

1. Facials Reduce Sinus/Nasal Congestion

Often enough, people going through sinusitis or clogged sinuses don’t find much relief. Medicines may help, but you have to go through the pressure phase when headaches and heaviness plague you. A facial massage helps decongest these sinuses, relax the contracted and tensed muscles of your face, as well as stimulate the lymph nodes. These stimulated lymph nodes promote better lymphatic flow as well as encourage the drainage of stagnant fluid. The steam given during a facial helps decongests the cough in your nasal passages and stubborn clogged sinuses all over. A facial is therefore very helpful to relieve the symptoms of sinus as well as a cold nasal congestion.  

2. Facials Promote Blood Circulation

The skilled and expert massaging motions on your facial muscles help promote blood circulation. Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, it needs its fair share of nutrients and oxygen. After all, you may be taking a ton of supplements and Vitamins, but what good would they do if they don’t even reach your skin cells on time? Good blood circulation also ensures that your skin remains healthy, looks good, and is soft. At the same time, healthy blood circulation makes sure that all the waste and by-products excreted by the skin cells are carried away like a natural detoxification.

Therefore, a periodic facial helps. It is recommended that you get a facial every 3-4 weeks for healthy and glowing skin. 

3. Facials are Stress-Relievers

The soothing music in the spa, the fragrant products, the steam, the massage — it all adds up to a relaxing couple of hours. Believe it or not, a facial is amazing for your stress levels. So much so that many women visit the spa for a facial only to bust their stress. Facials decrease your anxiety, promote sympathetic nervous activity, make you feel happier and more confident, and make you indulge in some self-love.  

4. Facials Help With Temporomandibular Joint Problems

Popularly known as TMJ, people suffering from Temporomandibular Joint conditions often are under a lot of pain and discomfort. They experience excruciating jaw pains, earaches, headaches, and even lockjaw in extreme conditions. A facial helps relieve some of these symptoms. Since the muscles are massaged and relaxed during a facial, they may experience the easing of any inflammation pains, jaw tension and headaches. Anxious people who often grind their teeth or clench their jaw also benefit from facial massages. 

Now that you have discovered another facet of facial benefits, isn’t it time to book your next appointment? Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa now to get your slot for a facial of your choice. You will not only treat your skin to a luxurious, soothing service but also benefit your health (mind, body and soul). So what are you waiting for? Book online now.