How to care for Your Eyebrows for a Thick and Neat Look?

Eyebrow care is an essential of beauty nowadays. With Instagram beauties and Ticktockers flouting their perfect, thick and dark brows, we all covet that look. But how to start with this eyebrow care? What to do? What products to use? Who to turn to for help? If these questions have been plaguing you of late, then this is the answer to them all. Here is a blog on how to care for your eyebrows for a thick and neat look. With 7 easy steps. Read on and make note.

Remove Makeup

The first step in getting thick and neat brows is to keep your eyebrow hairs healthy. This stimulates growth. For this, you must be very careful with brow makeup and removal. Use only good quality products like brow gels, brow pencils, primers and powders. Make sure that these products are not expired or spoiled, and that all the tools you use are clean. It is always better to use natural or organic eyebrow makeup for your skin as well as brow hairs. Now the major step is to remove this makeup thoroughly every night. Do not go to bed with makeup on as it may clog pores, inflame the skin and also stunt eyebrow hair health in the long run. A mild micellar water or natural makeup remover with some cotton balls works best to get rid of all stubborn, water-proof brow makeup.


Brush your eyebrows daily. They need the stimulation just like your scalp hair does. Regular brushing of your eyebrows not only keeps the hair neat and in place but also stimulates the skin under it. The blood circulation is better, leading to better nutrition and hence better growth of the hairs. Keep a clean spoolie on the side and use it every morning and night to gently brush your eyebrows.

Use Eyebrow Growth Serum

Many women complain about stunted eyebrow hair growth, many more have been repenting their over-plucking from the 90s’ thin brow rage. For such scenarios, it is always good to invest in a good eyebrow growth serum. Old wives' tales suggest castor oil, coconut oil and even aloe vera gel boost hair growth. But research has yet to prove their effectiveness. Aloe vera gel though is a good option to soothe any redness, itching or inflammation on the brows, especially after you’ve had threading or done some tweezing. But to stimulate better hair growth, get a serum, and let it do its work for a few months to see any results. You can also use this serum as a brow gel so that you get the look you desire and your brow skin gets the nourishment it needs.


Most women forget to do this. Even when exfoliating their facial skin, they forget their eyebrows. The truth however is, that our eyebrow skin also needs to be regularly exfoliated so that the pores are not clogged, and any excess oil, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria are scrubbed out. If left trapped there, they may result in inflammation and acne around the area. You should hence scrub your eyebrow gently with an exfoliant like olive oil mixed with a teaspoon of sugar granules. You can complete this once or twice every week in the shower itself.

Ban Tweezing

Tweezing should literally be banned from your beauty regime. Because it often leads to over-plucking, which may end up damaging your hair follicles. This traumatises the skin, leading to more stunted growth. So if you want to shape your eyebrows or need to neaten them up, then resist the urge to pick those tweezers yourself. You may pull out any unwanted or stray hairs outside of your shape if there is an urgency. But try and wait for your next treading/waxing appointment if you wish to maintain that thick and neat look.

Keep Your Threading Appointments

If you already have thick eyebrows by birth, then go for threading to weed out any stray hairs from around the brows. In case you have thin or stunted brows though, communicate to your aesthetician about your desire for thick and neat brows. They ensure that they shape your eyebrows accordingly, and call you for follow-up threading appointments so that you get to grow out your eyebrow hairs without looking unkempt. Only, keep those appointments diligently, without skipping!


Finally, if you have very sparse brows and little to no hope of growing those hairs out, opt for microblading. It is a technique that deposits a safe pigment in the upper layers of your brow skin to resemble eyebrow hairs, in the shape and shade of your choice. This treatment when done once can last up to 3 years, with only yearly touch-ups. And you get to look like Hollywood celebs, who, by the way, are great proponents of microblading.

Even if you have normal or thick eyebrows you can get microblading done in your preferred shape. This reduces your dependency on daily brow makeup, threading, tweezing etc.

If you are looking for natural eyebrow makeup products like brow pencils, powders, primer etc then contact us at Savarnas Beauty Spa. We also offer threading and microblading services that are tailored to each and every client’s needs. We know the importance of eyebrows for a woman, and spend a lot of time and energy making them look beautiful!