How to Get Instagram-Worthy Eyebrows?

Everybody is on Instagram now. It’s the brand new place where celebs and commoners alike share their selfies, holiday photos and mini vlog reels. If you have been following beautiful celebrities and influencers on Instagram, you would also know that their selfies are just amazing, their eyebrows done perfectly even when they have just exited the pool. How do they make this possible? How can their eyebrows look so thick and dark and done to perfection all the time? Well, if that’s a question plaguing you then we have some answers here.

Read on to find out how to get Instagram-worthy eyebrows.

1. Threading by a Professional

Those threading appointments may seem too difficult to keep up every month. But really, those appointments are what make all the difference. A professional aesthetician threading your eyebrows to the perfect shape and arc is a whole different ballgame than you plucking out strays around your brows. So if you want to look great on Instagram selfies and reels then make sure to visit your aesthetician every month (or however long it takes for your brow hairs to grow out). You can have a standing appointment with the spa so that you are booked well in advance. It is also recommended that you go for threading instead of waxing as it is a more precise method, pulls hairs out of the follicles, and is less irritating on your skin. What’s more, no chemical or wax is needed for threading. A simple cotton thread is all that takes to give you Instagram-worthy brows.

2. Microblading

Well, if you want the perfect brows inside and outside of the pool, then microblading is something you must consider. Microblading will also take you off your threading appointment spree. It is a very popular trend among the Hollywood and Instagram population. Be it celebrities or models, influencers or professionals, everybody is sporting it.

What is microblading? It is a permanent makeup technique where a special pigment is deposited in the uppermost layers of your skin. This pigment fades in 2-3 years, like a semi-permanent tattoo on your eyebrows. The pigment is deposited in small hair-like strokes under your eyebrows so that it looks like natural volume and gives the illusion of thickness and darkness. Mandy Moore is sporting it, as is Helen Mirren. And selfies come out super perfect with your two brows in dark, natural, symmetrical arches.

3. Good Brow Makeup

Many women forego brow makeup in favour of lashes and lid liners. But the truth is, you need good eyebrow makeup to complete a neat and attractive makeup look. For Instragam-worthy eyebrows, invest in a decent spoolie or brow brush that has soft but firm bristles to brush your tiny brow hairs well. Also, invest in a brow gel to make sure that the brushed hairs remain in place. If your eyebrows are thin or have sparse spaces in them then also keep a brow powder with you, which is one shade lighter than your natural hair colour. This helps cover areas and add volume. And finally, the most important, a brow pencil to outline as well as fill very small areas of your eyebrows. A combination of these will make your eyebrows look ready to be featured on photos, stories, selfies and reels of Instagram!

4. Highlighter

You read it right. A highlighter is also very helpful in giving your brows a natural lift. Use a highlighter pen under your eyebrows to create the illusion of your brow hairs being darker and more defined than they are.

5. Outer Corners

One other trick to getting Instagram-worthy eyebrows is making the outer corners of your eyebrows darker than the middle. If your eyebrows are even everywhere then you can skip doing much in the middle of your brows, concentrating on the beginning and the end. When you do that, you create a natural contour for the light to play with.

7. Shorter Hairs

While you get your threading done, you can also request your aesthetician to trim the eyebrow hairs shorter to make them appear less unruly. This tip works like magic on those close-up selfies where every little detail of your eyebrows is visible.

So now that you have these tips and tricks for Instagram-worthy eyebrows, start implementing them! Get going for your next threading appointment or book yourself for a microblading session. Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa now and grab your slot for those Instagram-worthy eyebrows.