How to get the Perfect Eyelashes?

How to get the Perfect Eyelashes?


Eyelashes are the wings of our eyes, they flutter the feelings that our eyes express. But there is more to them. They are given to us by mother nature because they have specific functions in protecting and soothing our eyes. This makes it important to care for, nourish and beautify our eyelashes. If you are curious about why are eyelashes important, then we have got some answers here. If you are looking to get the perfect eyelashes, then we also have some tips for that!

Why are Eyelashes Important?

The importance of eyelashes stems from two parts — health and beauty. 

As far as health is concerned, eyelashes are important to us because:

                    They help protect the eyes from any airborne particles, dust, dirt, or lint.

                    As the first line of defense, they also protect our eyes from any bacteria.

                    When the eyes are closed, lashes protect any unsuspecting dirt from getting in.

                    This prevents infection or inflammation of the eyes.

As far as beauty is concerned, eyelashes are important because:

                    Eyelashes create a contrast between your eyes and eyelids, drawing attention to that part of your face.

                    Lashes also help brighten your eyes and make them pop.

                    And when you have long and thick lashes, your eyes look bigger than they are.

 How to Get the Perfect Eyelashes?

Achieving the perfect eyelashes may be a dream for many. But it is possible to get those thick, dark, and luscious lashes. Here are some tips and tricks for you:

Moisturize your Eyelashes

Several good eyelash serums and oils are available in the market today to hydrate, nourish, and strengthen your eyebrows. Most of these are based on ingredients like Vitamin E, castor oil, almond oil, etc that promote hair growth. They also ensure that the roots of your lash hairs are nourished and strengthened. 

One of the best eyelash oils on the market right now is the Savarnas Mantra® Nourishing Eyelash Oil. It is made from a blend of rare oils and effective plant root extracts that have anti-inflammatory properties. The eyelash oil helps keep your eyelashes moisturized, nourished with Vitamin E and antioxidants, and conditioned. 

Ingredients: Horsetail plant extracts, Natural silica, Marshmallow root extract, Vitamin E, Hempseed oil, Meadowfoam seed oil


-     Conditions your eyelashes

-     Massaging your eyelids with this oil for 5 minutes may help boost blood circulation 

-     Helps boost hair growth

-     Softens your lashes and may make them glossy

-     Keeps your eyelid skin protected, nourished, and healthy


Use an eyelash brush or comb on your eyelashes daily. This not only helps remove debris, dirt or dust stuck in the hairs, but also keeps the follicles unclogged. 

Eat Nutritious Food

Vitamin B3, E, biotin, collagen, etc are great for your lash growth. So make sure to eat foods rich in these — from mushrooms (B3) to almonds (biotin), and olive oil to beans, try and include them in your daily diet.

Do Not sleep with Eye Makeup On

Remove your liner, mascara, falsies, etc at the end of the day, and use a gentle makeup remover to swipe all the reside clean from your lashes. A soft cotton pad is perfect to remove all eye makeup. This keeps the eyelid skin and lash hairs healthy.

Avoid too many Falsies

Falsies may be tempting, but try and refrain from using them too often. The adhesive is not your eyelashes’ best friend. Try and give it a break by applying falsies only after a few days, or every weekend or so. 

Get Eyelash Extensions 

If you want an alternative to falsies, but without any harm from the adhesive, then there is a permanent makeup technique called eyelash extensions. This technique helps you get those long, dark, perfect eyelashes by gluing the extensions on your lash line with a medically safe glue. The glued-on eyelashes last for about a month, withstand sweating, bathing, swimming, etc, and fall off naturally like your natural eyelash hairs.

Many good salons and spas offer this procedure. If you are in the Virginia region, then one of the best around is the Savarnas Beauty Spa for permanent makeup. The eyelash extension services offered are customized to every customers needs. The semi-permanent eyelash extensions are stuck with a safe surgical glue, and they are 100% waterproof so that your lifestyle is not hampered in the least. This is a very ‘in’ trend in celebrity circles and is slowly finding its way into the popular circuit. If you want to ditch those falsies and get perfect eyelashes without much use of mascara or other products, then try the eyelash extensions at Savarnas Beauty Spa.