How to Keep Your Body Skin Smooth and Supple?

Everyone talks about facial skincare, but few give importance to the body skin. Today we have brought a topic that is highly evaded in skincare conversations — how to keep your body skin smooth and supple? What practices and tricks work in ensuring that your arms, legs, back etc have healthy skin that feels baby soft. Whether it is summer or winter, whether you are showing skin or not, these tips will make you feel good. 

1. Cleansing

Long and hot showers may feel luxuriant during winter, but the hot water may also strip away the skin’s essential oils and moisture. To restore this, and to clean your body skin deeply, you must use deep-cleansing oil-infused soap or body wash. You may not need the cleaning daily, but do it every week or fortnight. 

2. Exfoliation

Like our face, our body skin also sheds dead skin cells on a regular basis. However, often the skin cells remain on the skin’s surface, creating a barrier over the healthy and soft new skin. Hence it is important that along with the soap or body wash, we also regularly exfoliate our body skin in the shower. There are special body washes that come with exfoliating crystals, as well as loofahs and scrubbing stones that help in this. What you will be left with is soft, smooth and velvety skin. Just be careful while you are scrubbing, do it gently so as not to irritate or injure your skin.

3. Moisturise

Topical moisturiser for the body is a must. Make it a daily routine to rub a body lotion or moisturiser that suits your skin type. You may do it twice a day (morning and night) if you have dry skin, or only at night before bed if you have oily or normal skin. This maintains your skin’s supple texture and makes it so beautiful to flaunt. 

4. Body Butter

For excessively dry skin, you can also include a rich body butter for the night. Cocoa or shea butter is good for nourishment as well as for hydration. They deeply hydrate, feel luxuriant, and smell so good that you are guaranteed a great night’s sleep. You can apply it all over the body, or choose excessive dry spots like arms, upper arms, elbows, knees, feet and ankles. 

5. Suntan Lotion & Sunscreen

Cover your body in a suntan lotion whenever you go to the beach or reveal your skin. A better option is sunscreen if you wear revealing clothes in the sun all the time. This is especially applicable to women who wear a lot of sleeveless, blackness and shorts. Apply sunscreen on all the exposed areas like arms, legs and neck so that your skin doesn’t get sunburnt, damaged and rough. 

6. Water & Fruits 

As is applicable to your facial skin, a healthy dose of water and fresh fruits help the body's skin too. The vitamins, nutrients and hydration that you get help keep the skin cells healthy from the inside. The essential nutrients your body skin needs include Vitamin A, C, E, protein, zinc and healthy fats. So eat a lot of oranges, pineapples, lemons, cucumbers, avocados and papayas. All kinds of berries are also good for the skin, as are cherries and watermelons. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day to keep your body's skin supple and glowing. 

7. Regular Waxes

All of the above will help your skin become healthy and supple, but to add to that effect, you will also need to keep your waxing appointments and get your arms, legs and other hairy areas velvety soft. If you prefer, you can also get a bikini or Brazilian wax regularly to make sure everything is smooth down there. This is the final step in achieving smooth body skin.

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Some Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Body Skin Smooth & Supple

  • Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize your hands as they tend to get dry more often.
  • Moisturise your body skin in all seasons, even summer.
  • Apply sunscreen in all seasons too, but scale-up during summers as the sun is high and mighty.

Practice the above and you will find your body skin becoming soft and supple soon enough.