How to Look Glamorous on Thanksgiving?

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving may be a food holiday, but it is just as much about how you look! You may go to the dinner inwardly dreaming about stuffing and pumpkin pie, but you also want to turn heads, sustain conversation and look a million bucks while doing so. So here’s a small simple guide on how to look glamorous on Thanksgiving. Little tidbits and secrets to hone your appearance — from clothes to accessories to makeup.

1. Wear Your Best Boots

Nothing screams tardiness more than bad footwear. By bad we mean dirty, scuffed, shabby or just not looking nice. That is why make sure to choose your best footwear for Thanksgiving. Specifically boots, because fall is the season to enjoy your ‘too-pretty-for-summer’ but ‘too-impractical-for-winter' boots. They come out only during this transition season. So why not give them a last hurray at your dinner? 

2. Accessorise 

Ok, glamour doesn’t happen on its own. You need to work towards it. It’s not about how expensive your ensemble is, or how much makeup you’ve applied. It’s about the right choices and the right embellishments. That is why, this Thanksgiving, accessorise well. Here are some of the most coveted accessories for this fall holiday:

  • Scarf or Muffler (though you may end up removing the latter inside the house)
  • A light jacket for home-wear, for layering
  • Jewellery (a delicate necklace or just some studs to add bling to your ears)
  • Stacked bracelets to go with your watch
  • Bag (because how can you forget a statement like that!)

Although, beware, don’t wear all of the above together. Pick and choose the accessories to work with your outfit.

3. Act Confident

The other important part of looking glamorous is being confident. But because many of us don’t feel very confident in a crowd or on holidays, you must act confident. Walk like you are walking among your best friends, chat as if the other person is as good-hearted as you, and carry your clothes like you woke up in them. Try it and you will see how it ups your game. 

4. Be Comfortably Chic

It’s a food holiday, after all, and you want to think about all that delicious food while strutting down the hall. That is why dress to the nines but make sure there is room for all the food. Choose clothes that you know you will be able to carry even after you have stuffed yourself with a year’s worth of dessert. Because admittedly, those tight shirts and skinny jeans do start showing flabby parts after a good meal. Some of the best Thanksgiving outfits for a glamorous yet comfortable look are:

  • Loose Sweaters tucked into pencil trousers
  • A-line dresses that leave enough room to let your tummy bloat
  • Long scarves draped over tight shirts to hide any post-meal bloating 
  • A cute, roomy jumpsuit 

5. Pick a Statement Piece 

Dressing comfortably doesn’t mean you don’t do anything to stand out. The best way to appear glamorous is to stand out (in a good way). So while the norm of the land may be sweaters and pants, you can play it up with a pair of statement trousers. What are statement trousers? A pair that stands out on your otherwise seamless appearance. Usually statement pieces like a pop of color, some chunky or bling jewellery, a loud print scarf or pants do the trick. But choose just one, and choose wisely. Because it can go both ways!

6. Get a Facial 

Now that we have tackled outfits, jewellery, and confidence, let’s come to another important aspect — your face. You may think that late nights at the office can be fixed by some concealer and lots of lipstick on Thanksgiving. But the truth is, if you want to look glamorous (effortlessly and completely), then you need to take care of your skin. Since that is not possible at such short notice before the dinner, book a facial appointment. The methodical processes of cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, mask and massage will leave your skin ready to shine. 



7. Invest in Permanent Makeup

If you wish to let go of too much makeup, then invest in permanent makeup. It is the new underrated glamour on Instagram and fashion runways. Models and actors don’t need to apply a ton of makeup while stepping out anymore, they exude glam by only flaunting their eyelash extensions and microbladed eyebrows. You can too, this Thanksgiving. 

Grab a slot of your convenience at Savarnas Beauty Spa today, and prep yourself to look glamorous this Thanksgiving. We offer a variety of fall facials and other skin treatments, as well as permanent makeup services. Just consult with our aesthetician beforehand to learn about permanent makeup healing time, so that it doesn’t clash with your Thanksgiving dinner.