How to Maintain Your Brazilian Wax During Winter?

Estheticians often advise maintaining waxes throughout the year. What does that mean? Only getting regular waxes at designated times is not enough. You must also know how to maintain their growth, shape and skin and hair health. Especially through the more difficult seasons. Like fall. Or winter. In-grown hairs, clogged hair follicles, strawberry skin, itchiness, redness and irritated skin are common symptoms of Brazilian waxed skin in colder weather. Here’s how to maintain your Brazilian wax during winter.

1. Keep Hydrated

Dry hair is more prone to breakage. And in winter, the dryness is at its worst. This breakage increases the rate of hair growth, so you may realise that your Brazilian during winter may not last as long as in summer. The hair that grows back is also a lot thicker and coarser. To avoid these, you must keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water. Your hair follicles as well as your skin will remain healthy.

2. Moisturize Well

Be it the day after you get your Brazilian or when the hair has grown and needs another session, you need to moisturise. Your skin is delicate and tender in this area, as are the hairs. Waxing especially takes a toll on these, resulting in redness or irritation. So moisturise the area regularly to maintain your Brazilian wax, and also make the next session easier.

3. Exfoliate

To avoid bumps, ingrowth and strawberry skin, you must exfoliate your skin regularly. This not only makes your Brazilian wax last longer and look better but also makes the next session smoother. If you are one of those who enjoys keeping the skin down there smooth all through the year then a safe exfoliation routine is all the more important. It rids you of clogged dirt inside pores, dead skin from winter and any bacteria.

4. Dont Shave

Your esthetician may not have drilled this enough yet, but the razor is the biggest enemy of your Brazilian wax. Shaving in between the waxing appointments can prove detrimental. The continuous waxing sessions may have succeeded in weakening the hair follicles, but when you break that streak with shaving you are again emboldening the hair to grow back thicker and stronger. Winter may tempt you to just shave instead of trekking to the spa, but do not let the devil whisper into your ear!

5. Keep on Top of Your Hair Growth

If you didn’t suffer hair breakage in winter, then you may notice that hair growth is slower in this season than in summer. This is because the dry air and cold weathershrink the pores. In such a scenario, you should not keep your old timeframe of appointments. Your growth may still be too short to wax. That is why, it is advised to always keep a check on your growth, and visit the spa only when your hair is about one-eighth of an inch or so.

6. Dont be Lazy

If your hair growth is appropriate, then do not be lazy about your Brazilian waxing appointment. Winter may make you lax since you are not planning on wearing any revealing clothes or bikinis. But you need to keep on top of your hygiene too.

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