How to Manage Your Skin Post a Hangover?

Hangover brings to mind glaring headaches and gut-churning nausea. If you are reading this then probably you are going through it now. And also feeling your skin’s rebellion! Isn’t it weird, how the best liquids in the history of mankind can reduce your body and skin to this? Well, that’s alcohol for you, especially when consumed in excess and without supplementing proper food and water. If your hangover has led you to feel bad and look bad with those red puffy eyes and dry cheeks, then we have a few tips to help. 

Here’s how to manage your skin post a hangover, explained point by point.

Side-Effects of Hangover on Skin:

  • Dehydrated skin that feels excessively dry.
  • Dull and sullen-looking skin that may also appear pale.
  • More apparent signs of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Inflamed skin with redness, breakouts etc.
  • Puffy under eyes.

Managing Skin Post Hangover:

1. Water Therapy

Water is one of the first and best therapies for managing a hangover. Be it for the body or the skin, you need to drink a whole lot of water the morning after. You may even feel crazy thirsty as this is your body telling you of the abuse you have put it through with diuretic drinks all night. You may also need strong coffee to recover the morning after, but don’t take that espresso shot before guzzling down at least 1 big bottle of water. This will help your skin rehydrate and start the recovery process. 

2. Cleanse

Skin cleansing may be the last thing you wish to do with a pounding head, but trust that once you start cleansing your skin and looking better, you will automatically also start FEELING better. Start with an oil-based cleanser to remove all the makeup, dust, oils and bacteria that may be stuck to your skin overnight. Makeup, mainly, needs to be scrubbed off as most of us hardly pay attention to makeup removal when we are blind drunk. 

After the oil cleans, use a gentle cleanser to complete the process and hydrate your skin. The second cleansing with a water-based cleanser will soothe your skin, rinse off any remaining impurities, and soften it. It will also make you feel refreshed. 

3. Exfoliate Gently

Doing a grand skincare routine on the morning of a hangover may seem like a huge task, but do it anyway to maintain your skin’s health and appearance. A gentle exfoliation will give your tired, dry and lifeless skin a much-needed boost. The exfoliation will help you get rid of dead and damaged skin cells (much of this damage may be caused by alcohol). 

4. Follow with A Mask

You may follow up your exfoliation with a clay mask to suck away all other impurities from deep within your pores. If you have already started getting breakouts or know from experience that you are prone to them after a hangover, then this mask will prove extremely helpful. It will not only treat any breakout but also help prevent more by cleansing your pores.

5. Deep Moisturisation

Go all in for moisturisation to manage your skin post-hangover. A rich, creamy and heavy moisturiser will do wonders to revive your skin instantly. In case your skin feels oily then you can use a gel moisturiser to treat it. But don’t forget to apply it. It will make your skin supple, radiant and soft instantly. You will feel the health return to it. 

6. Under Eye Cream

It’s going to come as no surprise — your puffy and dark circle-laden under eyes. So treat them well with a rich and hydrating under-eye cream. You may have been using it only at night, but in this case, to reverse the effects of your hangover, use it in the daytime too. But if it has retinoids, then keep it for the night, as retinoids make the skin sensitive to the sun.

7. Get a Facial

If you have the day off and want to feel the best after a bad bad hangover, then get a facial. It’s the best cure for dehydrated and dull skin. The professional products and expert massage will drain your lymph nodes, relax you, and also help soothe your skin back to normal. The swelling due to alcohol may also go down.

If you are hungover and need to find a place to get a facial ASAP then contact Savarnas Beauty Spa. We have a wide variety of pre-designed facials for different skin types and skin issues, as well as tailor our Custom Facial to help your current predicament. So don’t worry and just come in to make your skin feel better after that long long night of booze!