How to Prepare Your Skin this Fall Season?

 Fall is coming, and along with it is bringing cold and drying weather. As fun as fall treks and Halloween parties are, this season is known to trouble your skin. The sudden change from warm and humid weather to cool fall time will affect the skin’s hydration levels, texture and tone. That is why you must prepare your skin before fall makes its presence felt. How to go about this? How to prepare your skin this fall season? Here are a few ways to begin.

1. Switch to a Thick & Creamy Moisturiser 

The first change in fall to prepare your skin should be to switch your moisturiser. Most women turn to lightweight, quick-absorbing and gel-like moisturisers in summer. This is done to keep your skin from turning very sticky in the heat or clogging your pores. But as the air becomes drier and temperatures drop, your skin will again need a healthy dose of moisture. In fact, skin problems like flaky texture, dullness, dry spells etc will come back with a vengeance in the fall. To strike preemptively, begin using a creamy and rich moisturiser. You should also choose a body butter or body lotion to nourish your arms, legs, elbows, knees and any other areas that are prone to dryness. Massage every night to get a good sleep and supple skin.

Best Moisturising Ingredients to look for in a Moisturiser: Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Glycerin, Shea, Aloe Vera, or Cocoa Butter.

2. Get Rid of Drying Products

Those women who have been using acne spot creams, drying cleansers and face wash through summer must rethink this skincare strategy. Because fall will dry your skin eventually, also contributing to acne control in some ways. You may reduce the use of drying products to limit them to a few days a week. Also, get rid of sulphates, SLSs, alcohol-based skincare brands and anything that makes your skin feel dry and tight. It is not worth applying in the fall season. Exfoliants that have strong acids like glycolic acid must also be removed from your routine as they are harsh. Choose more oil-based cleansers, mild physical exfoliants, and gentle cleansing balms.

3. Take Special Care of Your Under-Eyes & Lips

Not only your facial skin but also your under eyes and lips need some extra TLC during fall. Your mouth is probably the first area of your face to tell you that the weather is drying. Hence it becomes essential to moisturise your lips well. Choose a hydrating lip balm, and apply it regularly to avoid chapped, pigmented and dull-looking lips in fall. As for your under eyes, start using a hydrating under-eye cream at night. This will help moisturise the sensitive paper-thin skin, keep away fine lines, and brighten any dark circles.

4. Ration Hot Baths 

All those romance novels have spoiled us. All we want in fall is to enjoy a leisurely walk through the backyard and come back to soak in a hot tub. But those hot tubs and steamy showers are not very good for the skin. Hot water can dry the skin, stripping it of essential natural oils. Instead, you can soak in lukewarm water with a hydrating bath bomb to soothe all aches of cold bones. Or shower in lukewarm water. But ration the time in this water — not more than 10 minutes. Also, choose your body wash/ soap wisely. Do not go for alkaline formulations, they are drying in nature. Shea butter, cocoa butter, and creamy or moisturising body wash which are sulphate and paraben-free work the best to prepare your skin this fall season. 

5. Sun Protect Well

The arrival of fall doesn’t signify the departure of the sun. The sun and its rays are always going to be there, even as their intensity reduces. So keep using your sunscreen with 30 or more SPF to block the damage of UVA and UVB rays. These radiations are ever present, irrespective of seasonal change. Prep your skin by using your sunscreen diligently all through the day time. Even if you are indoors. 

6. Get an Intense Hydrating Facial

To prepare your skin this fall, finally, you need to get a hydrating facial — one that will moisturise the very cells of your skin and boost its vitality. Such a facial at the beginning of fall will ready your skin to fight the drying agents, cold temperatures and lack of humidity in the air. Some of the best hydrating facials at Savarnas Beauty Spa include:




Start your prep for this fall season already! Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa now to get your preferred slot for a hydrating facial. And keep reading for more fall-season beauty and skincare blogs.