How to Protect Your Skin Before Applying Halloween Makeup

Dressing up on Halloween is probably the most exciting part of the festival. And 3/4th of the costume is dramatic makeup! Be it your favourite superhero or the spookiest zombie, you do need tons of makeup to look your horrifying best. But what happens to your skin after the makeup is another horror story altogether. That is why we have a set of tips here for how to protect your skin before applying Halloween makeup. 

Why is Halloween Makeup So Harmful to the Skin?

  • The dramatic Halloween makeup is quite unlike your usual makeup. For one, it doesn’t often come from reputed skincare or cosmetic brands.
  • It usually has more artificial dyes and chemicals than your conventional makeup. 
  • Halloween makeup may also be heavier in artificial fragrances and oils that may dry your skin and cause irritation.
  • Makeup like face paints, false eyelashes, glue etc are more detrimental to your skin’s health and glow. They may lead to breakouts, acne, clogged pores, rashes and redness. 

Tips to Protect Your Skin Before Applying Halloween Makeup:

1. Check the Ingredient List

Before buying that tube of face paint, turn it over and go through the list of ingredients. Here are some ingredients that you should avoid on any kind of makeup — mica, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, heavy metals (re: cadmium, cobalt, lead), artificial fragrances, and artificial dyes. Any of these on the sticker, and put that face paint back. You can find something better and more organic for Halloween. It is best to opt for mineral makeup, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you are acne-prone or have oily skin, then go for water-based makeup so that it lasts longer for you and doesn’t clog your pores. 

2. Use Your Own Makeup

If you can’t find Halloween makeup that’s good enough for your skin, then here’s an idea — use your own makeup and get creative. You can choose darker shades, mix and blend, try lip colors on your cheeks etc. This way you will be using good quality, branded makeup, as well as save a pretty penny. 

3. Do a Patch Test

In case you end up buying special Halloween makeup, always do a patch test first. And preferably do it before Halloween night, so that you don’t have to rush out to find alternatives at the last moment. A patch test can be done on your wrist or the back of your hand. This is purely to check how your skin accepts the makeup, If it reacts in any way — itching, redness, rashes etc, you need to leave that particular product out of your Halloween look. 

4. Avoid Exfoliation or Peels Before Halloween

This one is to protect your skin from absorbing all the Halloween makeup. The thing is, if you get a chemical peel before Halloween, your skin is rid of its top layer. While this is good to reveal your natural glow, in this case, you are exposing the soft, new layer of your skin to the face paints and makeup that may easily penetrate it. Exfoliating may lead to the same, so try and keep away from it a few days in advance. 

5. Prep Your Skin

Before you put on the Halloween makeup, face paint etc, prep your skin thoroughly. This means you clean it well, use a gentle water-based toner (avoid alcohol-based as it dries your skin), and moisturise. In fact, moisturise your skin very well, with a thick layer. This will essentially form a protective barrier over your skin and not let the makeup penetrate deeper. 

6. Don’t Use Art Supplies

Like many mothers who use poster paints and sharpies at the last moment for costume competitions, you may also feel tempted to just grab that bottle of white poster paint. Do not even think about it. It is better to go bare-faced than do that to your skin. There’s a reason those paints are meant for paper and not skin. 

7. Don’t Re-Use Old Halloween Makeup

You may suddenly remember that you have white face paint from Halloween two years ago. It may still be liquid enough to use. But don’t make the mistake. For one, it may be expired. For two, a year of staleness may mean bacteria, germs and chemical reactions that may be very detrimental to your skin. The best idea is to buy small tubes of Halloween makeup, try and use it all up at once, and throw away any that’s left. 

Keep these simple tips in mind while prepping for your spooky looks, and protect your skin this Halloween. However, once the festival is over, do come in for a skin rejuvenation facial at Savarnas Beauty Spa so that our professional estheticians can revive your skin to its original healthy glow!