How to Protect Your Skin While Enjoying Summer Outdoors?

Summer is a beautiful time. It’s the nostalgic span of vacations and beach afternoons when children are enjoying the sun and holiday planning is in full swing. But in all these happy-happy sunny vibes, what about your skin? If you have been going around under the summer sun without much concern about it, then it's time to take heed. Here’s our blog on how to protect your skin while enjoying summer outdoors.

Why Protect Your Skin During Summer?

  • Because the sun’s harmful UV rays damage the skin.
  • These rays may cause sunburns, tanning, sunspots, breakdown of collagen and early signs of ageing.
  • Prolonged unprotected sun exposure may also cause skin cancer.
  • The heat and excess sweat may lead to accelerated sebum production, clogged pores, acne and breakouts.
  • Skin dehydration.

How to Protect Your Skin in Summer?

Here are a few tips to protect your skin during summer, especially when you are outdoors in the daytime. 

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a gift to humankind. The beauty gurus who developed this product gave a boon in the guise of SPF. In summers, when the sun is high and shining, and sunlight lasts longer, your skin needs more protection and therefore sunscreen with higher SPF. 30 or higher is recommended for summer, especially if you are living in a tropical zone or a place where summer is very hot. How does sunscreen help? It does not let the UV rays penetrate your skin cells and wreak havoc. 

But for this, you must apply your sunscreen thrice a day, every day. At 9 am, 12 pm, and 3 pm. This 9-12-3 is the golden rule to abide by because it protects your skin from sunburns, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, skin cancer etc.

2. Suntan Lotion

Sunscreen is for the face and neck. But what about that time when you visit the beach? When you wear your swimsuit and expose your delicate skin to the harsh sun? At these times, it is essential to always carry a sunblock or suntan lotion and slather it generously on the exposed body parts. It not only helps with sunburn but also keeps your skin from tanning too bad. 

3. Hats & Umbrellas

Just applying sunscreen and lotion is not enough for summer. It is better if you fortify the protection with wide-brimmed hats (2-3 inches), ball caps or other protective head-gear. This protects your face further from direct sun and UV rays. Carrying an umbrella is also helpful in the daytime as it creates a barrier between the sun and you. And you feel like a Victorian heroine walking down your suburban street, which is a major plus!

4. Protective Clothing 

To protect your arms and legs, it is recommended you choose long-sleeved shirts and long linen pants for summer. Yes, it may be too hot to cover your legs and arms, but even simple cottons and linens go a long way in protecting your skin. What’s more, these materials are cooling on the skin! You can choose whites and creams and pastels to make your summer style chic too.

5. Sunglasses

The tender skin of your eyelids and under eyes is also under the direct glare of the sun. And this skin is thinner, more susceptible to collagen breakdown lines and wrinkles due to sun damage. Hence skin gurus recommend using wide, dark sunglasses when venturing outdoors during summer. It is even better if you invest in a good pair of sunglasses that block UV rays too.

6. Fluids

Your skin’s outward protection is mostly covered, but for the inner protection, you must drink lots of fluid. Dehydration and sunstroke are pretty common during summer. To avoid these, make it a point to drink a whole lot of water (8-10 glasses), coconut water, lemonades and fruit juices. These keep your skin glowing and looking supple too. Try and always carry a bottle of water with you whenever you step out.

7. No Sunbathing

Avoid sunbathing as much as possible. Even if you are lathered in sunscreen and suntan. Sunbathing is not your skin’s best friend. Tanning beds and indoor tanning sessions are also not very desirable as per many dermatologists. Tan in a bottle may be preferable. 

8. Stay Indoors Between 11 am to 4 pm

Try and schedule outside tasks and errands before or after this time span. Either be at home or office, but don’t venture out when the sun is high and mighty in summers. Even if you wish to go for a swim in the pool, choose a time in the evening.

So take care, take precautions, keep your sunscreen and water bottle close, and enjoy every bit of this summer! Your skin will remain unharmed and it will thank you for all the love and care you showered on it through this heated season!