How to Relax During Your Eyelash Extensions Procedure

Getting eyelash extensions is an amazing experience. For the next 3-4 weeks, you are sorted on your eyelash makeup. But what about that long time when you are getting the lashes applied? The procedure is intricate work, where every single lash extension is pasted onto your natural lash hairs. And it may take anywhere from 1-2 hours. So here we have a few tips on how to relax during your eyelash extensions procedure.

1. Clean Your Eye Makeup Completely

To relax during your eyelash extensions procedure and make sure it goes smoothly, you should ensure that your eyes are completely bare. Remove all makeup beforehand. Not only mascara and eyelash makeup but even your eyeliner, eyeshadow or anything else in the vicinity. The oils in makeup products interfere with the eyelash extensions and don’t let them cling completely. So even your makeup remover needs to be oil-free.

Either come without eye makeup from home or remove all eye makeup in the spa bathroom.

2. Silence Your Phone

The first step towards relaxation while getting your eyelash extensions is to silence the phone. Why? Because you will be lying on your back, with eyes closed and muscles as relaxed and still as possible to ease the aesthetician’s work. Attending calls in the midst of this won’t be very comfortable, or convenient for you or your aesthetician. You won’t be able to check your emails or messages either. So there is no harm in putting your phone on Do Not Disturb and taking a few hours of mobile detox.

Many spas and salons have strict rules on phone policy as well and advise switching off or silencing the phone before any treatment.

3. Leave Your Kids at Home

We know it may be difficult sometimes but it is better if you can leave your kids at home with a sitter. Usually, spas are welcoming to children and entertain them on the side, but for something like a long permanent makeup procedure of eyelash extensions, you will be completely occupied. Your eyes will be closed throughout, and you won’t be able to help your child or speak much.

4. Keep Fluids to a Minimum

Before your eyelash extensions procedure, make sure you take a bathroom trip. And to relax completely, it is better to have the least fluid possible beforehand. Your bladder will need to hold the fort for at least 1-2 hours while the eyelash extensions are being applied. Also, try and avoid any coffee or caffeinated drink before the procedure as caffeine is a stimulant which may make you jittery and twitchy. Your eyes and muscles around need to be relaxed and as still as possible for the extensions to be pasted smoothly.

5. Make a Playlist

While you can of course chat up your aesthetician in the time span, there will be times when even they will be concentrating hard on their work. So to entertain yourself, we suggest you make a playlist on your phone or iPod and take your earphones along to relax. A soothing blues or jazz playlist is perfect to add to the spa feels and make your facial muscles relax completely.

6. Take a Nap

Your otherwise busy life may not permit naps, but the eyelash extensions procedure is the perfect time to grab one! There will be quiet, there will be controlled temperature, you will be lying on a comfortable bed and your eyes will be closed for about an hour or so. This is the opportunity to go to sleep and dream about the perfect lashes that you will wake up with! Since you will be napping, your aesthetician will also get relaxed muscles to work with. A win-win!

So now when you go for your eyelash extensions appointment, you have a list of ideas for relaxing. Use them well and enjoy the experience to the fullest. If you are ready to book your appointment now then you can call or book online at Savarnas Beauty Spa. We offer eyelash extensions services and customize every pair of lashes to tailor them to our client’s preference.