How to Soothe Irritated Skin After Threading?

Threading eyebrows or sideburns is a boon to most women looking for efficient, chemical-free hair removal. But what to do about the temporary rashes or redness that erupt immediately after threading? Skin irritation is bound to trouble you from a few minutes to a few hours after threading, because your skin has been disturbed. So there is no way to completely avoid this. But there are simple and effective ways to help curb it. Therefore we at Savarnas Beauty Spa bring you this blog on how to soothe irritated skin after threading.

1. Use Rose Water

Rosewater immediately calms the skin’s histamine reaction and helps soothe any breakouts or redness after threading. It also reduces inflammation. You can take cotton balls soaked in rose water and apply them after threading.

2. Ice it Up

Ice is a very common substance used to soothe irritated skin. Many aestheticians swear by the cooling and calming effect of ice cubes. It is cheap and easily available. You may wrap the ice cube in a handkerchief and apply on the threaded area. You can also wash your face with cold water if ice is not readily available.

3. Aloe Lotion

Aloe vera is a known remedy for soothing burns. So you can, by all means, use an aloe gel, lotion, or raw aloe vera pulp to soothe the threaded area.

4. Keep Away From Sunlight

There is nothing worse than stepping out in the harsh sun with irritated and tender skin after threading. If you want to soothe the area naturally then make sure you protect it from the outdoors for a couple of hours.

5. Cover The Area

In case you do step out into the sun, then here’s an idea — cover the area. If you have your eyebrows or chin or sideburns threaded, then wear a wide-brimmed hat and huge sunglasses to protect your skin from direct heat and sun. This will prevent any more irritation, itching, or redness.

6. Don’t Touch The Area

This one’s very important. Except for applying a soothing gel or ice cube, keep your hands away from the irritated skin. This will prevent any untoward reaction or bacterial flare-up in the area, avoiding more rashness or redness.

7. Try A Light Moisturiser

Moisturizers may seem heavy, but if you have a light and non-comedogenic moisturizer at hand, then go ahead and soothe your skin with it. It not only helps calm the skin but also nourishes the area. Just make sure that your moisturizer is also alcohol-free.

8. Coconut Oil

If you have oily skin, then coconut oil can be skipped. But if you are ok with it, then coconut oil may also help soothe irritated skin.

9. Anti-Bacterial Soap

Another way to help your skin after threading is to wash your face with an anti-bacterial face wash or soap right after. This helps deeply cleanse any dirt or bacteria in your now-inflamed pores. So the irritation or redness automatically begins to go down. You can also add a soothing lotion or aloe gel after washing your face so that your skin remains smooth, soft, and soothed. But do make sure that you don’t use any face wash that has drying agents as they may further irritate your skin.

10. Bide Time For Steam

You may have planned a spa day, but taking steam right after threading may not be the best idea. So take a small break after the threading process. The warm steam may open pores, but it is not the best idea to expose your inflamed skin to steam immediately. If you are getting a facial right after, then your aesthetician usually plans out the steps accordingly so you don’t need to worry. But if you are coming home for a self-pamper session then take note and keep away from steam for a few hours. 


To keep the redness and irritation to a minimum, you must wet your eyebrows with hot water just before threading. This numbs the area so that it doesn’t react as aggressively when the thread pulls and tugs. 

We hope this blog helps you keep your skin soothed and happy after a threading sesh! At Savarnas Beauty Spa we not only offer top-notch threading services but also make sure that the pre-care and post-care of our customers is planned well. If you wish to experience our complete threading services and get yourself the perfect set of eyebrows then you can book an appointment here.