Makeup Basics for Every Girl

 Coming of age for a teenage girl is her first makeup product. It usually starts with a bunch of lipsticks or lip gloss and an eyeshadow palette. Then grows from there to more makeup for the skin, for the eyes, for the lashes etc. If you have come to that point, then here’s a blog on makeup basics for every girl. Read, take notes, and start collecting. 

Makeup Basics to Build Your Capsule Collection

1. Primer

The first and most effective makeup product is primer. You need it because it is the base of all makeup, and becomes a barrier over your skin, protecting your pores. It holds the makeup well. Many girls don’t know this, but your moisturiser can double up as your primer! So don’t go out spending money on one unless you have very oily skin or wear makeup for long durations. 

2. Foundation

Foundation is that part of your makeup on which your entire look is built. It is used over primer and applied with an applicator like a brush or sponge. Foundation gives coverage to your skin, hiding any uneven texture, blemishes or marks effectively. However, to look natural, you will have to choose a foundation that is close to your skin tone.

3. Concealer

As the name suggests, a concealer works to conceal or hide any imperfections of your skin. Foundation may not be sufficient for stubborn acne marks, dark freckles, under-eye dark circles etc. That work is delegated to concealer. 

4. Powder

Powder sets your foundation and holds your makeup in place. It also absorbs any excess oils secreted by your pores. 

5. Blush

Even little girls know all about this! Blush is usually rosy to pink in tint and comes in powder form. It is applied on the apples of your cheeks or on the slope from your cheek to your temple. This gives a natural flush to your skin. 

6. Bronzer

Bronzer, as the name suggests, is used to bring your face alive. It is usually applied sparingly on the periphery of your face. This adds dimension to the contours of your face and lets the light play off your features. Bronzer is also used to create faux-tan looks. But that’s an advanced level of makeup that you can build over time.

7. Highlighter

Ever wonder how celebrities make their cheeks and forehead glow? It’s by using a highlighter. This makeup product is also a little advanced and can be kicked off the basic list. But since we live in the Instagram era, why not!

8. Contour

It’s like the opposite of a highlighter. A contour is a cool tone to the highlighter’s warm and shimmer tone, helping create that contrast for the light to play off. Contour usually comes in a paste or stick form, and is applied to hollows of your face like the sides of your nose, hollows under your cheekbones and below the jawline. It gives your face the definition to look picture-perfect.

9. Eye Makeup

For your eyes, you can get tens of different makeup products. But these are the basics:

  • Eyeliner: Get a classic black or brown to start with, preferably a liquid pen liner.
  • Mascara: This is an essential as it gives depth, color and volume to your eyelashes.
  • Eyeshadow: Get some neutral eyeshadow palettes to start with.
  • Eyebrow Pencil: This one will help you define your eyebrows, fill in any sparse areas, and add depth.

10. Lips

Again, the basics for your lips are far too many. But we are picking the most essential ones, without which your lip makeup will be incomplete

Lip Balm: Lip balm is a must to prime your lips before applying your lipstick. It is hydrating, as well as nourishing to your lips. And when you apply your lipstick over it, it holds the color better.

  • Lipstick: One of the most important makeup basics for every girl, lipstick in red and lipstick in pink are essentials. Then you can keep adding to your collection as per your preference. Try and invest in matte shades first, as you can add gloss to them using the next product.
  • Lip Gloss: To add some shine and fullness to your mouth, always keep a lip gloss. It is best to have a transparent one so that you can apply it over lipstick. But you can also invest in a basic tinted lipgloss to ditch all other makeup.


-     You don’t need to buy all these at once. They are basics, but you can take your time and paychecks slow. The best makeup collection is created over a period of time.

-     Do not buy all products from one brand. And do not go for those all-in-one hampers from makeup specialists. Choose each product as per your skin’s needs. 

-     You don’t need to use all the makeup at once. Some days are just for a swipe of mascara and lip gloss. So take note of the occasion. 

We hope this little guide will help you build your own capsule collection of makeup basics. For more on beauty, skincare and makeup — track us at Savarnas Beauty Spa.