Men’s Skincare Tips for Fall

Fall spells new skincare for all the women out there. Even if they follow a minimalist skincare routine, there are inevitable changes in their vanity as the season changes. Then why isn’t the same applicable for the menfolk? Because believe it or not, men’s skins are also affected by the dry, cool and harsh weather of fall. Men’s skincare change is slightly tricky at this time, but here we have it down to a few essentials! So take notes and read on — men’s skincare tips for fall.

1. Invest in a Moisture

Look, we are not asking you to upgrade to a richer moisturiser, because we know you may not even be using one to begin with! But in case you do, it is recommended that you choose something richer and thicker, maybe a cream-based moisturiser. This will help your skin combat the lack of humidity in the air, coupled with dropping temperatures and the skin’s parched need for hydration. Also, those hot showers may strip your skin of its natural moisture. Use a moisturiser after every shower and face washing session to keep your skin smooth and supple.

2. Exfoliate

If you were exfoliating before fall arrived, you may up your frequency. In case you weren’t, start doing it. 2-3 times a week is enough to start with. Use a gentle scrub or exfoliant to make sure that your skin and pores and rinsed of any dirt, dust, excess oils and dead skin cells. If you want to keep it low maintenance then even a rugged washcloth will do while showering. But then, go for a facial once a month to make sure you get a thorough exfoliation, especially in the fall and winter months. 

3. Clear Your Pores

The backlog of warm and humid summer may show up in the form of breakouts and acne. If your skin is already oily or acne-prone, then more so. Therefore it is essential to clear your pores at the beginning of autumn so that they don’t remain clogged with oils, bacteria and dead skin cells. You can do this in a couple of ways:

Deep cleanse

  • Exfoliate
  • Use a mask with the goodness of clay, so that it permeates into your pores and attracts all dirt and oils
  • Go for a clean-up 

4. Start using Serum

If you thought serums are only for the delicate skin of ladies, then think again. Because the time of fall is bound to make your skin fragile and dry too. So instead of looking like your skin is flaking in the day, isn’t it better to apply a nice, hydrating serum at night? Believe it or not, a serum will nourish your skin better than most equivalent creams. It is very potent, quick-working, and may also push back aging for you. The moisture that it will supply to your skin will create a barrier against fall weather, protecting against damage.

5. Keep the Sunscreen On

There is no season or day in the year when you can forget your sunscreen. Even if the sun doesn’t come out from behind the clouds and the air is cold. Men’s skincare in the fall is incomplete without sun protection because the harmful UV rays reach the earth even when the sun’s direct visible rays don’t. UVA and UVB rays are known to disrupt the skin’s melanin and cause sunburns, tanning, pigmentation, aging and skin cancer in extreme cases. For men especially, who are more prone to skin cancer, sunscreen is essential.

6. Moisturise Your Hands

Rough and calloused hands may look manly on cowboy heroes, but the truth is — men look great with soft and smooth hands. So do yourself a favour in fall and moisture your hands too. They do score brownie points with women!

7. Get Monthly Facials

‘Men will be men’ wasn’t coined just for fun! We know you may skip a few of these tips because of the time-crunch. Or just because. That is why, to ease your skincare this fall, you must put yourself in expert hands every month. Get a facial from a professional so that your skin gets its fair share of detox, rejuvenation and hydration. So that you can do your boardroom meetings and workout runs looking great. 

Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa now to set up your appointment. We are proud of our clientele and are extra delighted to see men walk in to get their skincare sorted. So book now before we run out of our fall slots!