Natural Oils that Promote Glowing Skin

For centuries now, natural oils have played a very important role in skincare. From Egypt’s Cleopatra to the Greek Goddesses of the Mediterranean, Geishas of Japan to Maharanis of India — natural oils and extracts have helped women achieve better and glowing skin. Let us explore this vast field of natural oils to help our beauty rituals and achieve better skincare goals. Here are some of the best natural oils that promote glowing skin.

1. Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip seed oil is one of the most famous natural oils for anti-aging treatments. A special cold-press process is used to extract this oil from the seed of the rosehip plant, which is mainly found in the Chile region. This oil has all the goodness of the plant, including and not limited to Vitamin C, D, E, fatty acids and beta carotene. These not only help with wrinkles and free radical damage but also rejuvenate tired and pigmented skin. A must for getting back your glow if you have mature or aging skin with scars and wrinkles.

2. Argan Oil

The Argan tree is found in Morocco and has been a local favourite for centuries. Lately, it has dominated the global skincare scene and is known for the oil extracted from its nuts. Argan oil is a great moisturiser and is so soothing on the skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and a few antioxidants too. Its non-greasy property makes it perfect to work on most skin types and boosts the glow and radiance. In fact, it is best for oily skin as Argan oil is unique in that sense. It can control the sebum production of the skin, thereby reducing natural over-production of oils. 

3. Cranberry Seed Oil 

Cranberries are yummy to eat, but their oil is even better when applied to the skin. Lightweight, with a tendency to be absorbed quickly, the cranberry seed oil is also non-comedogenic. It is hence great for oily or acne-prone skin too. What are the benefits of cranberry seed oil? Well, this oil is rich in vitamins A, and E, omega fatty acids and antioxidants. These ensure amazing moisture retention in the skin cells and protection from external damage. 

4. Olive Oil

The oil extracted out of olives is termed olive oil. You may have only used it in cooking or drizzled it over pasta or your wood-fired pizza, but olive oil is a boon for skincare. It is known for its fantastic moisturising abilities. Women in Greece have been swearing by olive oil’s potency for centuries now. It is best when applied to damp skin as then the oil penetrates open pores and creates a film so that the winter of dry air cannot crack your skin. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant in nature, supplying your skin with a natural glow.

5. Raspberry Seed Oil

Raspberries are amazing in cakes and pies, but ever thought about the goodness of those yummy red fruits on your skin? The raspberry seed oil contains very high levels of ellagic acid. This antioxidant is especially known to brighten the skin and smoothen its texture. Since it is rich in vitamins A, E, and moisture-retaining phytosterols, it is also widely used in moisturising. What’s more, is, this oil proves effective in sun protection.

Checklist for Natural Oils

-     Make sure that the natural oil you are shopping for is non-greasy.

-     Check the ingredients on the label.

-     Choose a natural oil that is preferably paraben-free and fragrance-free.

-     If you prefer, choose organic natural oils as they are better on the skin.

How to Apply a Natural Oil on the Skin?

  • Most natural oils can be applied in their raw form, without any other ingredients unless specified otherwise on the label. They are not as concentrated as essential oils.
  • Keep the natural oil at room temperature. You can even warm it up slightly if you so wish. Even rubbing it between your palms can warm it naturally. 
  • Use your palms to apply the natural oil on your face, and press before rubbing. This ensures that one area gets enough time to absorb the oil.
  • If the oil is not non-comedogenic then you can refrain from applying it in your oily zones like the T-zone. 
  • If you want to mix a natural oil with a serum or moisturiser, that is also ok. 
  • Some women also apply natural oils under their makeup.

We hope this little exploration of the world of natural oils proved enlightening for you. We at Savarnas Beauty Spa continuously strive to bring the various facets of beauty and skincare to you in simple, readable and fun ways. Just as we strive every day in our spas to serve your skin and your smiles. Try one of these oils to suit your skin, and for all other skincare treatments, contact Savarnas Beauty Spa!