Packing Summer Skincare Essentials for Your Holiday

t’s summer again and you are going crazy managing it all for that big annual summer break! In the middle of closing your house, rounding up the family, getting your clothes and toiletries in the bag and just making sure that the 110 things go according to plan at your destination, don’t forget your summer skincare essentials at home! To give you a little reminder, here’s our guide for packing summer skincare essentials for your holiday.

1. Face Wash

This skincare essential is a must because the hotel toiletries are nowhere eligible to touch your face. A good travel face wash that suits your skin not only cleans and refreshes it but also helps in the removal of stubborn makeup and grime at the end of the day. Especially if you are going to a beach paradise where sweat and oil are going to attract a ton of grime to your skin!

2. Cleanser

A gentle cleanser for your skin is another skincare essential you cannot miss. Your makeup and other products need the dissolving action of the cleanser, especially stubborn eye makeup like liner, kohl, mascara etc. Waterproof makeup is also not easily removed by a face wash so you will need your cleanser along. So throw it into your travel pouch right now before you forget it. You can also add a separate makeup remover if you want. 

3. Moisturiser Pads

This is a wonderful travel product. Moisturiser pads are easy to carry, dry in your bag, and don’t leak out like your loose-lidded lotion bottles. They don’t squeeze out of those tubes either. Most of these moisturiser pads come enriched in BHAs, hyaluronic acid and other hydrating agents that when swiped over your skin give it a gentle boost. If you are travelling with kids and already have a ton of their stuff to carry in your ever-growing handbag then moisturiser pads are a great idea. 

And if you are not sold on them then do carry your moisturiser. A travel-sized tube will do. Do not ditch it thinking that a holiday in a humid, beachy town will keep your skin happy without added hydration. You will need your topical moisturiser, even if it should be lightweight and quick-absorbing in nature. 

4. Face Mist

Face mists are such a refreshing gift by the skincare gods! They come in small spritz bottles and smell divine (like your body mist). A face mist is generally used to give your skin a quick boost and pick-me-up before you step into a restaurant for dinner after a long beach day or prepare for a precious selfie. A face mist helps tone, moisturise, and even set your makeup temporarily. It can illuminate your skin with a luminous glow. So do pack a small bottle. 

5. Sunscreen

A double star on your packing list — sunscreen is your ultimate summer essential. Wherever you go, be it the beach or a resort, the Hawaiian Islands or the far Mediterranean, you will need sunscreen. The harmful UV rays cause a lot of damage to the bare skin. So to protect your skin from sunburns, pigmentation, dark spots and long-term diseases like skin cancer, use a high SPF product to cover up your entire face.

6. Suntan Lotion

You may lather your face with sunscreen, but what about the rest of your body? So pack a suntan lotion too that can be spread generously across your arms, legs, neck and any other exposed areas.

7. Hats 

Do not forget the hats. Take quirky ones, take trendy ones, and take wide-brimmed ones too. These will not only add some oomph and style to your OOTD (outfit of the day) but also give your face extra protection from the sun.

8. Sunglasses

Another accessory to add more styling to your outfits. Carry a couple of sunglasses to elevate your look, as well as protect your tender under eyes from sun rays and sand. UV light cancelling sunglasses are best for long durations outdoors, but even your dark glasses will be fine. 

Checklist before You Set Off on Your Summer Holiday:

  • Got a rejuvenating & cooling facial?
  • Got your Bikini line waxed?
  • Got permanent eyelashes to avoid all the leaky mascara?
  • Got permanent eyeliner and microblading to avoid eye makeup altogether on your holiday?

If you haven’t checked these then what are you waiting for? After ensuring that your summer skincare packing is done, head straight to Savarnas Beauty Spa for a leisurely cooling facial to rejuvenate your skin and make it ready for all the heat. Also, get your bikini wax while you are at it. And if you want your holiday undisrupted by frequent makeup touchups then book yourself for a permanent makeup service too.