Packing Summer Skincare Essentials for Your Holiday

Lip-care is one of the most important parts of skincare. But most of us often ignore this aspect. For various reasons, our main aim is always achieving smooth and supple skin, perfect eyebrows and thick eyelashes. So to enrich and nourish this ignored aspect, we have brought you some amazon lip-care tips for soft, healthy and attractive lips. 

Common Lip Problems:

  • Dry Lips
  • Chapped and Flaky Lips
  • Dark Lips
  • Pigmentation

Lip-Goals We All Want to Achieve:

  • Healthy, Hydrated and Supple Lips
  • Soft Lips
  • Rosy or Bright Hue
  • Plump Lips

Amazing Lip-Care Tips:

1. Hydrate Yourself!

The first major goal is to get healthy and hydrated lips. This is achieved by applying topical moisturiser as well as enriching your body internally. Water helps in doing the latter. By drinking enough water daily you make sure that not only your skin but your lips too remain distended, hydrated and looking plumper. Usually, winters and drier weather make your lips chap, so it becomes essential to drink more water during these times.

2. Moisturise

The topical part of hydration is moisturiser. You need to moisturise your lips in all seasons, even in the summer. You may not need to do it at all times of the day, as you would during winter, but make it a nightly routine. Rub a lip moisturiser or lip balm generously to keep your lips soft and healthy. This also prevents any chipping or flaking, helping your lips retain their natural rosy hue.

3. Scrub Well

Not only skin, but your lips also need their regular dose of exfoliation. The lips are a very tender part of the face, therefore you need to be very careful while exfoliating. Scrub gently, with a good exfoliant or scrubbing agent. This makes your lips get rid of dead skin cells and other dirt so that the healthy lower layer is revealed, adding to the rosy hue. Many lip scrubs are available in the market, but you can also use a homemade scrub like brown granulated sugar and honey. Massage gently in round, circular motions and then rinse it with some warm water. Right after, you will notice how your lips will look and feel so soft.

4. Massage Regularly

This tip is a golden one — always follow it. From time to time, give your lips a nice, gentle massage to promote blood circulation and a natural sheen. How to go about it? Press down on the outs edges of your mouth and go inwards with your fingertips gently. You can apply a lip balm beforehand for a smooth glide. Once you are done massaging, you will notice that your lips also look plumper temporarily as the balm and massage add an illusion of plumper lips. 2-3 minutes every alternate day is a good idea to massage.

5. Dont Forget the Sunscreen

While you are applying sunscreen on your skin, don’t forget your lips. They need protection just as much. Use sunscreen with high SPF in the summers, especially if you are stepping out in the sun regularly. If you don’t want to use your skin sunscreen on your mouth then there are also lip products like balms and lipsticks that come with SPF. 

6. Invest in a Lip Plumper

A lip plumper is a cosmetic that when applied, gives your lips temporary volume. It is usually made of safe, mild allergens that swell your lips (the bee-stung lips look?). You can invest and keep one of these on hand, and use it sparingly and occasionally to make your lips more attractive.

6. Get Permanent Lip Color

If you want something permanent to make your lips look attractive and rosy, then permanent lip color is a good idea. You won’t need to use any lip plumper or even much lipstick then, because the safe, surgical rosy pigment deposited in the upper layers of your lips will give them a natural hue and pout. If you add a permanent lip liner to the treatment then your pout will become more defined. What also makes permanent lip color and lip liner lucrative is the fact that they last for about 2-3 years at a time, and don’t have much upkeep except yearly touchups. They save you a ton of money on lip products and cosmetics too. 

So take care and keep smiling with these amazing lip-care tips for soft, healthy and attractive lips. If you wish to buy a lip plumper or get permanent lip color treatment then Savarnas Beauty Spa is your answer. We not only offer top-notch permanent lip color services but also have a wide range of other permanent makeup treatments for you.