Salon V/S Home — Which is Better for Eyebrow Threading?

Threading seems like a very minimal and easy process of hair removal, but the truth is far from it. In fact, threading is one of the most difficult to master in terms of skill. It is only education and experience that teaches an aesthetician how to twist and manoeuvre a simple cotton thread so that you can achieve the perfect eyebrows. And yet, you may find a few at-home threading kits in the market. So how easy is threading by yourself? Salon v/s home, which is better for eyebrow threading? We are here to answer these questions.

1. At-Home Eyebrow Threading

  • Youtube tutorials on DIY threading are dime a dozen. As are threading kits with high quality 100% cotton threads. 
  • But the truth is, if you haven’t learned threading from a reputed aesthetician or salon, you are not equipped to practise it on yourself. 
  • Therefore at-home threading is not recommended, especially for something as intricate as your eyebrows. 
  • Because shaping them, weeding out strays, and making sure the arch and ends are done properly is an art. 
  • However, if you only have to remove a few stray hairs and know how to twist and work the thread, then you may try threading areas like the chin or upper lips. Because these areas don’t need you to shape anything. 

Advantages of At-Home Threading 

-     Threading at home is pretty cheap. You don’t need much except a good quality cotton thread and some talcum powder. 

-     If you know the skill, then it is pretty fast and can be done any time you want. You don’t have to wait for your appointment. 

-     Helpful for emergencies like impromptu dinners or dates.

-     A good way to clean up your eyebrows until you have your next appointment to shape them.  

Risks of At-Home Eyebrow Threading:

This wouldn’t be a responsible blog without informing you about the risks involved in self and at-home threading. 

-     The process of threading can cut your skin if not done right. If you are a novice, you might do more harm to your skin than good.

-     You can end up ruining your eyebrow shape if you roll the thread the wrong way, or slip and remove more hair than required. 

-     One of the foremost rules of good threading is stretching the skin taut when the thread is rolled. Usually at a salon you or another aesthetician holds your skin tight as the expert threads. At home, you don’t get such help.

-     The brow bone is very delicate, so working close to it is quite tedious.

-     You need excellent eyesight and hand-eye coordination. And it is very difficult to achieve it all together, especially when threading on your own delicate skin.

2. Salon Eyebrow Threading 

At a salon, you are chilled out. There is nothing that you have to take care of. You just need to express your vision of the look you want, and then sit back and let your aesthetician do the job of making your brows perfect. 

Advantages of Salon Eyebrow Threading:

  • Greater precision is achieved as the threading is done by a professional expert. You can see the difference as your eyebrows look clean and perfectly shaped.
  • The salon is much safer than home as the aesthetician knows their job, and also takes all precautions when it comes to your safety and hygiene. There is hence a minimised risk of infection, injury or pain. 
  • Threading in a salon is also very quick, maybe quicker than at-home as you will be spending hours watching Youtube tutorials and practising on your thigh or arms before you get to your brows. And even then, you go slowly to not take a wrong turn. At the salon, it’s a simple 5-minute job! 
  • When it comes to counting the cost, the salon is pretty reasonable when it comes to threading.
  • It’s also a feel-good factor that is involved with the salon. You enjoy the experience of an expert working on your eyebrows, helping you achieve the look you wish. 
  • The salon is a way to socialise and hang out. And if you are a regular at a place and have your aesthetician then it is natural to chat with them as they work, take tips on skin and beauty, as well as discuss the latest gossip. 


-     There aren’t many disadvantages of salon threading except the fact that you may have to wait for your appointment day. 

-     But most spas and salons don’t have long waiting periods for threading as it is a fast process. So you can easily book a few hours in advance. 

At Savarnas Beauty Spa we have a team of trained, skilled and experienced aestheticians and threading artists who are highly in demand for threading. Customers come back to get their eyebrows done by our aestheticians and therefore we are proud of this service. You can book an appointment with us and experience it for yourself.