Self-Care and Its Importance in a Woman’s Life

A woman’s life is one of the toughest on this planet. Nature made her to nurture and care, and gave her the power to create life. And a woman, in her strength, makes sure she does all this and more. Be it as a daughter, a wife, a mother or a sister, a woman’s energy is constantly spent nurturing her house and making badass professional decisions at the office. In all of this, where is there time for herself? When does she get a chance to just sit back and relax? Turn up her favourite music and let all the stress go? 

Not very often.

That is why we are here to tell all the women out there why such moments need to be taken. Why self-care is important in a woman’s life. 

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is a way of taking time out and performing actions that make your physical and mental health better. It may not necessarily mean spending a ton of money on shopping as supposed ‘therapy.’ It may not always mean taking hot baths. And yet it may mean a combination of these and more. 

Why Does a Woman Need Self-Care?

Self-care is crucial at every age and time of life, but especially in periods of acute stress. For a woman, self-care becomes important because she juggles many roles, responsibilities and worlds. From being a mother to a professional, from loving her children to caring for her husband, from tending to her home to running her office. 

Types of Self-Care

Hit pause in your day or week, and choose 1 or more activities of self-care. Here are some ideas:

  • Take a walk
  • Indulge in journaling
  • Listen to your favourite music 
  • Indulge in something you like, eg. dancing, painting, singing etc
  • Grow plants
  • Read
  • Eat one meal a day that is healthy and fulfilling
  • Watch a comedy or romance or anything that makes you happy
  • Go for a spa day
  • Get a facial 
  • Meditate or perform yoga
  • Pray

Importance of Self-Care:

1. It Helps Manage Stress: 

Self-care practices like running, yoga, meditation etc help you calm your mind. This relieves stress. Activities like massages, facials, therapy etc also help you manage your work and home stress. 

2. It Helps Keep You Physically Healthy:

A healthy mind fosters a healthy body. So when you indulge in self-care activities and make your mind calm and happy, your body automatically follows. Eg. physical pursuits like workouts, dancing, swimming etc.

3. It Helps You Heal from any Mental Health Pressures:

For mental health issues like anxiety, panic attacks etc, in addition to therapy and the therapist’s prescription, self-care is also believed to be helpful. If you take time out to enjoy some hobbies, cook, eat good food and take care of your skin and hair, you may find the pressures decreasing.  

4. It Promotes Positive Thinking:

Self-care eventually fosters good mood, which further enhances your will to think positively. You leave behind bad thoughts and may begin to believe in the power of the good. 

5. It Helps You Manage Your Relationships Better:

When you are happy inside and outside, you tend to make others happy too. Self-care helps you achieve this goal, and also think clearly to manage your relationships better. Hence it is said that a couple should go on date nights even after marriage and kids. It’s a type of self-care for them.

6. It Makes You More Confident in Dealing with Everyday Life:

Confidence comes from knowing that what you are doing is working. And self-care works amazingly. You can see the difference instantly as your mind and body calm down. This boosts your confidence in pursuing other activities and goals in life.

7. It Makes You Feel Like You are Worthy of Good Things:

When you gift yourself a free hour or a day of pampering at the spa, you start believing the fact that you deserve good things. Because women often put themselves second, third, even fourth to their families and kids and careers. Self-care makes you aware of the fact that you are number 1 on your list sometimes, and are worthy of it.

8. It Helps You Take Care of Your Looks, Skin, Hair etc:

Spas, salon trips, facials etc can be termed as ways of self-care. But the by-product is a polished appearance with perfect hair, nails and skin. 

9. It Gives You Some Downtime to Think About Yourself:

It’s a fact well acknowledged that when you are on a long walk, gardening, or cooking with some jazz and wine, your thoughts inevitably veer. This is hence the time to think about yourself and reflect on your life, your dreams, and your future goals. 

10. It Helps You Become a Better Professional:

When you are positive, confident, polished, calm, and healthy, you inevitably perform better in your professional sphere. Be it a doctor or a painter, everybody needs some personal boost to chase professional goals. 

So ladies, think about yourself too, and indulge in self-care. It will go a long way in making life easier, happier, and more beautiful.