Should You Continue Waxing Through Fall?

Short days, cold weather, dry air and long woollens is the best fall description. All of us cozy up, with warm fires and hot drinks. All those short shorts and sleeveless tanks are stored in the back closet and waxing appointments are not renewed. Who needs waxing when all we are going to wear for the foreseeable future is jeans and full-sleeve sweaters, right? 

Well, wrong. Body hair removal doesn’t take a back seat just because you are not planning to show any skin for a few months. In such a scenario, why should you continue waxing through fall? Find out here. 

Why Keep Waxing in Fall?

1. Because Hair Doesnt Stop Growing

This one’s a no-brainer. Whichever season befalls, your hair growth doesn’t stop. Be it your arms, your legs or your bikini area, you will find the growth just as speedy. And for women who are used to waxing regularly, this growth may start to feel prickly and uncomfortable. Moreover, you cannot wear relaxing loungewear like night shorts or tees even in the warm confines of your home. 

In case you are making a case for shaving in fall and winter, then think again. Because shaving between waxing appointments can make your hair more stubborn. Your hair will stop becoming finer and sparser (which is the case if you go on waxing regularly). 

2. Because Your Bikini Area Will Grow Out

If you don’t continue waxing through fall then chances are, your bikini area will resemble a jungle. This may not be very aesthetic or pleasing to you. Also, the thick hair growth and your lack of regular appointments will mean more pain when you go in for a bikini wax again in summer. 

Also, fall entails many staycations and getaways where you will inevitably find spas, heated swimming pools and whirlpools. Wouldn’t you want to don your bikinis and swimsuits looking perfect?

3. Because Skirts & Dresses

The fall season doesn’t mean you forget about those cute skirts and elegant dresses. In fact, most fall fashion circles around those woollen and plaid skirts, paired with long coats and boots. Tinted stockings may help you if you haven’t gotten your legs waxed in a few weeks, but months’ growth is not hidden by anything other than opaque leggings. So for the love of fall skirts and dresses, continue your waxing appointments in the season. 

Also, fall means Halloween and Thanksgiving and many many parties. Don’t you want to carry yourself with panache at those?

4. Because Exfoliation

Waxing not only removes unwanted hair but also pulls away dead, dry and flaky skin. Since fall is that time of the year when your skin does become dull and dry, regular waxing acts like a physical exfoliant. This helps the new, healthy layer to breathe. And it also helps with softer skin, better blood circulation and a drastic reduction in itching.

5. Because Confidence

Even if you don’t wear revealing clothes or go skinny dipping or dive into a heated pool in the fall, there is something about a smoothly waxed body that equips you with confidence. You feel smooth, luxuriant and happy when you know you are fuzz free everywhere. Your intimate moments are also more empowering with this knowledge, as is your ability to wear whatever you like at any given time. For this, you need to keep your monthly waxing appointments even through fall and winter. 

Pack away your razors for fall, and instead, make a standing appointment with your spa for waxing. We recommend getting your arms, legs and bikini waxing done, but then it depends on your preference. At Savarnas Beauty Spa we offer a variety of waxing services along with special deals for members. If you are about to start your monthly waxing, then enrol for our membership program and get the sweetest monthly deals on your waxing!