Skin Tips to Share With the Men in Your Life

It is often believed that a man only begins to take interest in his clothing, styling, looks etc when a woman comes into his life. A part of it is derived from a man’s need to impress and please a woman, but another part is also derived from a woman’s influence on him. She starts to style clothes for him, shop for better options that may suit him, and advise him on how he should dress. She also tells him a ton about skincare and self-care, two topics that men often ignore. If you are somebody who has a man in your life, be it your father, brother, friend or partner, then this blog is for you. Here are skin tips to share with the men in your life.

Face Wash Before Sleeping

Always, always, always make sure to wash your face before sleeping. Most men prefer to take a shower when they get home at night. But if they don’t, then at least they should wash their face with an appropriate face wash. This helps clear out the oils, sweat, dust and grime of the day. If not washed off every night, all of this may form a thick layer along with dead skin, and also clog pores. The result? Acne, inflammation, and premature signs of aging.


If the man is not maintaining or growing a beard, then it is recommended he shave regularly. The reason is — shaving is said to almost exfoliate the top layer of the skin. When done over and over every day, it not only keeps the jaw smooth and suave but also keeps the skin healthy. The best time to shave is right after a shower when the skin is soft. If not after a shower, use a warm washcloth to soak the skin for a minute and then begin.


The sun and the UV rays don’t differentiate between men and women. They attack both skins. So men should also apply sunscreen regularly. Most men prefer to only touch the tub of SPF during beach vacations or pool-side parties. The truth is, men need SPF 30 or more too. This keeps the skin protected, and prevents sunburns and premature aging.


The next step after sunscreen is moisturiser. Men suffer from dry skin too, they need to replenish the lost oils and hydration of the skin too. Hence a simple bottle of moisturiser is a great way to keep the skin looking bright, healthy and firm.


One of the best skin tips for men is hydration. They should drink 10-15 cups of water a day so that all the toxins are easily flushed out of their system. The water also keeps the body temperature lowered, organ systems healthy, and skin looking fresh and supple. Ask any male model and they will tell you how they carry their water bottles everywhere, and make it a habit to sip regularly.

Snooze Well

Men’s lifestyles are usually quite fast and devoid of snoozing time. But good skin needs good sleep. So snooze and get at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night. Make a routine and follow it — go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. This allows the skin to rejuvenate, repair and regenerate new cells at night, while also preventing any dark circles, fatigue, puffy under-eye bags and dullness.

Avoid Soap on Face

Most men don’t care what they use on their faces. Any soap or body wash will do as long as they can splash some water and clean it well. But the simple bar of soap is counterproductive as it messes with the skin’s natural pH. Most body wash bottles and soaps are quite harsh on the facial skin, leading to redness, rashes, bumps and eventual pimple problems. Instead, always use an appropriate face wash or cleanser.

Lip Scrubs

Ok, this tip is a little on the high-maintenance side. But it doesn’t take much time and leaves the lips so soft and natural-hued. Men too, after all, want their lips to look attractive for many reasons! Just get a teaspoon of brown sugar and mix it with a few drops of coconut oil. Scrub this over the lips and wipe off any excess granules. A daily scrub can be done just after shaving, or a weekly ritual can be incorporated on Sundays. Lip scrubs prevent dry and flaking lips, a common problem among men.


Men may taunt women for spending lots of time and money in spas, but only a woman whose skin glows will know the importance of a good facial. Men too, need facials. That is why we at Savarnas Beauty Spa promote a special Gentleman’s Facial. It is a service especially provided for deep cleansing, exfoliation and soothing mask for hydration. The Gentleman’s facial is designed keeping in mind specific men’s skin problems like irritation due to shaving and skin sensitivity. It only takes about 60 minutes of our client’s precious times as we know how fast men want to rush out of a spa!

If want your dad, brother, friend or partner to take these skin tips seriously, and want to initiate them into the world of skincare, then book them in for a facial at Savarnas Beauty Spa today. It’s going to be a game-changer!