Skincare for Athletes

Are you one of those adventurous lot who likes sweat more than perfume and running more than chilling? Well, good for you! Because an active and adventurous lifestyle is great for the body as well as the skin. But even athletes need to take care of themselves. So here is our guide for skincare for athletes, outlining the dos and don’ts to maintain healthy, clear and glowing skin, even when you are sweat-soaked and busy for the better part of the day.

1. Hydrate

Hydration is a necessity for your body, you would know this already since you are an athlete. But hydration is also important for your skin. So at all times, drink enough water or fluids to keep your energy levels up. You may also lose a lot of this water in the form of sweat while working out, which is truly a blessing for your skin as many toxins are also rid away, clearing your complexion. So before you start a workout, drink a good amount of water. Rehydrate even after the workout. Avoid any sugary health drinks, instead opt for lemon-infused water or coconut water.

2. Cleanse and Moisturize

After your workout, cleanse your skin well with a face wash or cleanser suitable to your skin type. This is to get rid of any toxins that are stuck to your skin after sweating. Any bacteria, pollutants, dirt and dust may also be removed this way. After cleansing, to replenish the lost moisture of your skin, apply a hydrating moisturiser generously. Without fail.

3. Dont Forget Sunscreen

Be it before or after a workout, you need to have your sunscreen game up! It doesn’t matter if you work out outdoors or indoors, if it is daytime then apply sunscreen (preferably non-comedogenic so that it doesn’t clog pores while you sweat). In case you are working out in short clothes, as is the case with most athletes, then use a sunblock too. This protects your arms, legs and other exposed parts from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, preventing early signs of aging, pigmentation, sunburns and skin cancer.

4. Avoid Makeup

Makeup before a workout is a bit of a controversial idea. While many athletes do put on some makeup if they are doing promotional content for their social media or just like to look nice even when in the gym, the cosmetics may be counter-productive for the skin. You may sweat profusely and the makeup layer over your skin may clog your pores, or mix with sweat and form an impenetrable layer. This is a major source of acne. Try and skip any heavy powder, blush, concealer or foundation. Even eye makeup is bound to be ruined with all that sweat and oils, so forget about eyeliner and brow makeup.

5. Protect Your Lips

Wear a lip balm to keep your lips moisturised at all times, as they may get chapped very easily while the sweat dries off and you are still under the sun. Protect your lips from sun damage by applying a lip balm that is high in SPF. Again, avoid any lipstick or lip gloss so that your lips can breathe.

6. Get Permanent Makeup

If you are a makeup-type of person, and can’t do without the basics of eyeliner, brow pencil and some lipstick even while working out — then here’s a solution. Permanent makeup. In this technique, a medically-graded safe pigment is deposited in your skin’s upper layers, so that it resembles makeup and lasts for a couple of years.

  • This can be done in the form of microblading for your eyebrows, or as eyeliner for your upper/ lower lids.
  • Now you also have the benefit of getting a permanent lip liner or lip color added to your lips, so that they have a natural rosy hue without the need for any topical lipstick.
  • All permanent makeup treatments result in water-proof, workout-proof looks. So you can rest assured that no sweat, water or oils will disrupt you.
  • Also, if you are fond of long, voluminous eyelashes and can’t use much mascara while sweating it out, then get permanent eyelash extensions. These don’t last longer than 3-4 weeks but are completely worth it as they make your eyes pop and look even more attractive.

If you are interested in exploring permanent makeup treatments for your athlete-cum-beauty-queen life then contact Savarnas Beauty Spa now. We offer all the permanent makeup services listed above, personalise them to tailor to your taste and needs, and help you achieve the look of your dreams!