Skincare for Models

The world believes modelling to be such a glamorous job. The truth is only known to the models of the industry — that all that glitters is not gold. Modelling looks all glittery from the outside, but is an extremely tiring job that demands so much of a model. From being under constant lights and travelling at the drop of a hat to having makeup on almost always — the life of a model and the skin too, is not the best when away from the spotlight. Therefore we have brought a few tips on skincare for models. To help you reclaim the natural glow and texture of your skin.

1. Moisturise a Lot

All that makeup, product, sprays and sun take a lot out of your skin. As a model, you go through this every single day and hardly get any respite. So moisturising is a must for your skincare. Most beauty queens out there swear by a morning and night moisturising routine, where they choose a skin type-appropriate moisturiser to replenish their skin’s lost hydration, as well as keep it from cracking or showing fine lines too soon.

2. Remove Makeup Every Night

Makeup habits need to be in order, especially if you are a model and have to apply heavy makeup every day. Be it for work or promotions, social media or parties, you need to be in perfect shape with foundation, highlighter, concealer and lots of powder all the time. Late nights and all-nighters make it difficult to remove makeup before crashing into the bed. But make sure to do it, however tired you are. Because sleeping with makeup on is one of the worst skincare sins of all time!

3. Exfoliate regularly

All the makeup and product must get heavy after one point. That is why you must exfoliate regularly. Keep a scrubbing agent or exfoliant handy even while travelling, so that you can remove all those layers of dead skin, dirt, stubborn makeup and oils at least once or twice a week. Try and go for natural products because chemical exfoliants when used very frequently may also end up damaging your skin

4. Try more Clean or Natural Skincare

As mentioned in the last point, try and invest in more natural skincare that is clean as well. The use of so much makeup leaves your skin exposed to just too many chemicals. To balance that out, your skincare products should be mostly made from natural active ingredients and clean, organic bases. In fact, you can avoid products completely and use raw natural ingredients to care for your skin, like olive oil for moisturising, or sugar and honey for a lip scrub. You can make your at-home face packs using simple kitchen ingredients.

5. Get Facials to Rejuvenate your Skin

Using home ingredients to care for your skin daily is a good idea, but you will need expert help from time to time. It is hence a great idea to balance out your daily home skincare with aesthetician skincare at a spa every 3-4 weeks. You can book a facial to rejuvenate your skin, as well as to moisturise and repair it. If you suffer any skin problems like acne, dry skin, premature signs of aging etc then get a related facial. This helps you manage your professional commitments and apply tons of makeup every day without feeling guilty. Because you know that your detox facial is only weeks away. Getting regular facials also helps you maintain the glow and texture of your skin so that on your days off you can step out bare-faced and still look great.

6. Invest in Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is relatively expensive, but consider it an investment. Most models and influencers are investing in it now, because this saves their makeup money, as well as makes them look amazing on impromptu audition calls and market runs. In the business you are in, image is everything. You need to look like a million bucks even when you step out to get coffee. You never know where and when you get photographed! A basic level of permanent makeup like neutral color microblading, a conservative permanent eyeliner, a pair of permanent eyelash extensions and some light permanent lip color is great to begin with. Most of these treatments last for about 2-3 years, so you are sorted.

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