Skincare Mistakes We Must Avoid

Everybody tells you about the ‘dos’ of skincare. But few talk about the ‘don’ts.’ The fact is that skincare is a very sensitive and delicate topic. It needs to be addressed in its entirety. So if somebody is telling you about the good habits for skincare then they must also tell you about the skincare mistakes to avoid. After all, we make these mistakes almost daily in our busy, everyday lives! You read it right — we all make mistakes unknowingly that may have repercussions later on. So let us look at the skincare mistakes we must avoid at all costs to retain the texture, complexion and glow of our skin.

MISTAKE 1: Moisturising Only at Night

It might feel like a luxuriant, comfortable routine to moisturise your skin at night before bed. But that doesn’t mean you skip the moisturiser during the day. If you want to avoid dehydrating your skin and keep those crackling fine lines at bay then make sure to use your moisturiser during the day too. In fact, it is advised that you moisturise your skin before applying any makeup so that it is nourished and ready for all the drying agents present in makeup and alcohol-based products.

MISTAKE 2: Ditching the Sunscreen

We get it, life is busy. Applying sunscreen may not be your first thought while you are locking up and leaving your house. Even so, make it a priority. Sunscreen is not only for the summer and the beach. It is a necessity for your skincare, to protect your skin from the harsh and harmful rays of the sun. The UV rays are known to cause pigmentation, dark spots, premature ageing and even skin cancer in extreme cases. If you wish to retain your younger-looking, firm skin and its clear glow, then don’t make the mistake of ditching your sunscreen.

MISTAKE 3: Splashing Your Face with Too Hot or Too Cold Water

A refreshing hot water splash may feel good on your skin on a freezing winter evening. But do you know that it’s going to leave your skin feeling drier and devoid of its natural oils? Well, the converse is also true. Very cold water splashes or showers too are not that great for your skin. So make sure to use lukewarm water, and moisturise well after you are done showering or washing your face.

MISTAKE 4: Over-Exfoliating, and doing it Very Frequently

Exfoliating is a healthy skin habit, but overdoing it is a mistake we must avoid. Scrub too hard and the healthy skin cells may be damaged. Do it too frequently and essential oils and the skin’s moisture may be stripped off. How to identify if you have over-exfoliated? Simple — if after exfoliation you find your skin looking red, flaky, tight, dry or bumpy, then you may have been using that scrubbing agent one too many times.

MISTAKE 5: Underestimating the Serum

Serum may sound like a posh product that only models and celebrities might seem to use, but it is crucial to your skincare too. Do not make the mistake of discounting it from your skincare routine. If you do not suffer from any severe skin problems like acne, ageing, pigmentation etc, then you can use a simple hydrating night-time serum before applying your moisturiser. If you do suffer a skin problem then use your serum to target that problem. Why is a serum so crucial? Because it has concentrated molecules that penetrate your skin faster, work better, and give amazing results.

MISTAKE 6: Sleeping without Removing Makeup

Makeup overnight can easily cause more damage than most of the above mistakes put together. The makeup particles clog pores, accelerate skin ageing, prevent any of your skincare products from being absorbed properly, and also lead to skin inflammation and breakouts in the long run. It is hence advised to use a makeup remover diligently every night. Without fail.

MISTAKE 7: Using a Cotton Pillow

Cotton isn’t your skin’s best friend as when your skin presses into it, the trauma causes collagen breakdown. Cotton pillows or pillowcases are also not good for your hair either, hence dermatologists recommend silk pillowcases. Even satin is fine.

MISTAKE 8: Skipping Regular Facials

Facials are not just about pampering yourself and luxuriating in a spa. They are a way to rejuvenate your skin, refresh it and nourish it. You need a facial every 3-4 weeks and it is a mistake most women make when they skip their spa apportionments arbitrarily. It leeches their skin of its glow in the long run.



So take heed of these 8 skincare mistakes. Be aware of your lifestyle, keep switching up your skincare routine, and visit your aesthetician at least once a month for your facial. If you don’t have a standing appointment yet, then book yourself in at Savarnas Beauty Spa to avail a variety of facials and skincare treatments, as well as membership perks that make every month special at the spa!