Skincare Tips for Camping in Fall

Camping is such a refreshing experience, especially when undertaken in fall. Forest floors carpeted in fiery fallen leaves, the scent of drying trees heavy in the air and cool temperatures make relaxation so pleasurable. With the season change, there will be an influx of camping weekends. And we are here to help you plan these fall camping expeditions to the fullest, moreover for your skin and beauty. Be it for a day or a week, here are skincare tips for camping in fall to make sure you return with the same amazing skin!

1. Get a Facial Before Your Trip

To prep your skin for all that outdoor sleeping, wind exposure, dryness and lack of good-quality water, get a facial before you leave for your camping trip. This way you will be able to keep yourself low maintenance in the actual camping, with a small set of essential skincare products. For eg., you won’t need any exfoliants or scrubbing cleansers, or even serum gels as the facial would have taken care of everything beforehand. 

2. Pack Minimalist 

Be very cautious of your skincare packing. You do not want to utilise any extra space, you do not want to let any of the precious expensive products spill on the way, and you absolutely don’t want to come across as a ‘high maintenance diva’ at the camp. So be very frugal and go for the bare, minimal essentials:

  • Face Wash
  • Moisturiser
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm

3. Keep a Few Other Essentials

The list above is for your face, but you may need some extra care for the skin of your hands, arms, elbows etc. You can throw a small pack of lotion or Vaseline into your bag (the operative word being ‘small’). This will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent any burning, itching, flaking and irritation. Also, pack a suntan lotion if you know the place is going to be sunny. 

4. Prefer Wipes Over Liquids

This tip applies to most skincare products that you plan to carry. See if you can replace them with a suitable wipe. Nowadays brands have special cleansing wipes, refreshing wipes, makeup remover wipes, hydrating face wipes etc. 

5. Travel-Size Bottles

Never, and we mean it, never travel with your usual skincare bottles. They are too big and too easy to spill. Instead, buy travel-size packs. If you can’t find travel-size packs then make them on your own by filling tiny bottles and vials at home. Also, make sure to take recyclable plastic bottles instead of glass. That way the threat of breaking is less.

6. Keep Your Beauty Waterproof

Makeup may seem inevitable, even on a camping trip. But try and bring along dry products. Think lipstick instead of liquid lipcolor and pencil eyeliner instead of a liquid one. Keep your makeup as waterproof as possible, as even a light drizzle may destroy your handiwork. For this purpose, it is also suggested you look into permanent makeup. If you are an outdoorsy person as well as like to look your best, then procedures like permanent eyeliner, permanent lipliner, microblading etc will absolutely prove to be a lifesaver.

7. Bring Fragrance-Free Products

Try and carry fragrance-free skincare products. This is because heavy fragrances attract bugs, mosquitoes and even wild animals in some cases. You do not want either. It is also appreciated if you carry recyclable or biodegradable packing so that the forest you leave remains as clean as the one you arrived in. 

8. Dont Wash Your Face too Often

While hiking in fall, you may find a hot spring or some crisp, clean stream nearby. But tamp down on your urge to wash your face too often. The water may dry out your skin in this weather, especially since you won’t be carrying your moisturiser everywhere. Wash your face only twice a day — morning and late at night. 

9. Sunscreen

The sun may stream down mildly and the day may seem shorter, but don’t skip your sunscreen. It is an essential and must be on your face all day when camping in fall. 

10. Do Not Litter

You may end up creating a lot of skincare and beauty wastage — discarded wipes, used cotton balls, makeup removal pads etc. Instead of dumping them in the forest, keep a trash bag handy. Carry it back with you and dump it in the can where it belongs. 

11. Get a Clean-Up 

Return to your esthetician after your fall trip and get a clean-up. This will rid your skin of any dry skin, toxins, breakouts and blackheads that may have accumulated over your fall camping trip. While you are at it, you can also get a soothing face mask to pamper your skin!

Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa to help you before as well as after your camping in fall! We have some great facials to make your skin completely camping-ready.