Skincare Tricks From Around the World

The grass is always greener on the other side. Especially when it comes to beauty. That is why we always find Korean women with stunning, shiny skin so attractive, and Arabic women with their golden complexion so pretty. That is why Japanese straight hair is coveted over our mane of frizz, and natural Indian waves are looked upon with envy all the time. The truth is, in addition to genetics, indigenous skincare secrets also play a large role in women’s beauty all over the world. That’s why we at Savarnas Beauty Spa decided to do some research of our own, and unlock some skincare tricks from around the world for you.

1. Potato for Dark Circles in Spain

Have you ever eyed those Spanish beauties with their even-toned complexion and gorgeous eyes? They are stunning, aren’t they? Well, you can get eyes like them too, only if you up your under-eye skincare routine game. And you can do that by using potato slices! Like they do it in Spain. An ancient secret there is to use thin, sliced potatoes and place them on the eyes (like cucumbers) to get rid of fatigue, dark circles and puffy bags. You will start seeing results if you practise this routine daily. And add a nice, hydrating facial to your monthly regime for better results. Savarnas Beauty Spa offers a line of facials, a few also helping with dark circles. So that you don’t need to go all the way to Spain!

2. Rice Water to Wash Your Face in China

How do Chinese women have such clear, shiny and almost glassy skin? Because of this little skincare trick probably. They cook rice and save the drained water to apply to their faces. This water is rich in amazing antioxidants and works miraculously on keeping the skin looking young and healthy. You can also soak a fistful of Chinese rice in water for half an hour and then use this liquid to rinse your face. A daily ritual is best, but you can also practise it weekly.

3. Turmeric for Glow in India

If you’ve ever seen a romantic Bollywood movie or attended an Indian wedding, you would know that they apply turmeric paste to their bride. Because this spice is known to impart a natural golden glow to the skin. Turmeric is also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, so it revives the skin. Its antiseptic and antibacterial nature help in wound/scar healing as well. A yoghurt-turmeric mask is perfect once a month

4. Milk & Honey for the Egyptians

Wonder how Cleopatra kept her beauty eternal? Not only by being mummified but by this sweet combo! The lore goes that she bathed in milk and honey every day to keep her skin soft, supple, and looking radiant. And Egyptian women follow her sage practice even today by using milk and honey as face packs. Additional elements like raspberry, rose, and even lavender are added from time to time.

5. Skincare Products Under Makeup in Korea

Korean ladies have a little skincare trick — they gently rub their skincare products (moisturiser/cream/ serum) under their makeup. This allows their open pores to soak up all the nourishing product before they apply their makeup. Thus helping their skin get nourished from the inside, even when there is an opaque layer outside. Also, the skincare product helps them get an instant facelift and look even better.

6. Oatmeal on Sun Burns by the Brazilians

Brazil is full of beaches, and the women over there rock stunning pairs of bikinis. This is bound to cause sunburns. But they have a great remedy for that — oatmeal. Oats have anti-inflammatory and healing properties that come to the rescue. A common practice is to tie oats in a small cloth bag and position it like a filter under their bathtub tap. When the water flows, it runs through the oatmeal and infuses the entire bath, thereby relieving symptoms of sunburn.

8. Honey-Ginger for Wrinkles in Israel

Israeli women have a little secret — they prevent wrinkles on their faces by applying a paste of honey mixed with fresh, ground ginger. The hydrating nature of honey and the warmth of ginger leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. A routine of this face mask is not only great to prep for an event but also makes for a good habit.

So now that you have seen how women around the world keep the ‘grass greener on their side,’ why don’t you start trying their skincare tricks too? Most of these ingredients are easily available around you. And for more skin pampering and care, there is always Savarnas Beauty Spa.