Summer Recipes for Healthy Skin

Summer brings beautiful weather along, and as the air turns light and warm, ideas to host parties and enjoy meals with loved ones become ripe. But this summer, how about you try eating healthy for your skin? How about picking recipes that are full of the goodness of vitamins and minerals, and immensely hydrating for the body? Be it a picnic or a quiet solo meal, here we have a spread of summer recipes for healthy skin!

The Highlight of Summer Recipes:

  • The summer recipes listed below are essentially made from seasonal veggies.
  • They are low on processed foods and sugar, and high on GI foods.
  • These recipes have higher water content and fibrous ingredients.
  • They also have some foods rich in antioxidants so that your skin’s appearance can be improved. 

1. Tomato, Radish & Cucumber Salad 

If you crave a light lunch or a brunch that is tasty, refreshing, as well as healthy then try this simple salad. It has a Mediterranean touch but is easily made with local ingredients like fresh juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, lemon and olive oil. The dressing is also pretty simple, and just takes some sea salt, a twist of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil. Enjoy this salad with a bagel for brunch, or add some wholewheat pasta to it if you are planning it for lunch. And voila! 

If you are also vying for protein, then add lean meat for non-veg lovers and tofu for vegans.

2. Quinoa Stir Fry

Swap those heavy noodles or rice for quinoa in a stir fry. This summer recipe is tasty, light, and very nutritious. You can make it for dinner and then just store the leftovers for the next day! The veggies used in this stir-fry are high in vitamins, while quinoa is rich in antioxidants. Just toss some garlic in very hot sesame oil, add a few sprigs of celery for the flavour, and unload all the vegetables — red, green and yellow bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, french beans, and cabbage. Add sesame seeds and toasted peanuts for that extra crunch, and season the stir fry with your favourite light Chinese sauces like soy, vinegar, oyster sauce and honey. 

3. Energy Bites

Step away energy bars, energy bites are the new rage! Snacking in summer is very important. Often people skip snacks because it’s too hot to eat. And then they end up over-eating at mealtime. Healthy energy bites are a great pick-me-up and can be stored in the refrigerator for days. You just need a base like rolled oats, some nuts of choice, a few dry fruits and a sweetener!

The best combo for your skin during summer is — oats, melted dark chocolate, almonds, blueberries and cranberries. Dark chocolate is so rich in antioxidants, and also satisfies your sweet cravings, while oats satiate your hunger. The nuts and fruits are good for your skin’s health. And you can just roll this gooey mass into bite-sized balls and freeze them!

4. Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad

This is one of the most cooling salads out there, found at almost every cafe in Greece during summer. It is light, high in water content, juicy, crunchy, and refreshes your senses. It is also made in bulk very easily so is perfect for a barbecue or pool party! All you need is watermelons, feta cheese, mint-olive-oil-lime dressing and a big bowl to serve. Because you just can’t get enough! This salad is cleansing for the system and great for your skin. You can also add other summer veggies like cucumbers and radish, but the classic is always best.

5. Salmon Wrap

Seafood is coveted during summer, and you also crave it when you visit the shore or beach destinations. Fish like salmon is very good for the skin as it is high on omega-3 fatty acids. These provide a number of vitamins and minerals to your skin. You can poach the salmon if you want the flavour to be subdued, or pan-fry it for a stronger taste. Wrap it up in a tortilla of your choice with salads like onion rings, kale or spinach. Drizzle some mayo, Dijon mustard or honey mustard as per your preference. And lo and behold — your summer lunch is ready!

6. Cold Avocado Soup

Cold soups are famously called gazpacho in Spain, and are the norm during summer. You can also enjoy your own version of cold soup, with this chilled avocado soup that has the goodness of ginger, lime, cilantro and sea salt. Add coconut milk to get a smooth and creamy consistency. Everything is perfectly hydrating and skin-nourishing. And when you drink it chilled, you literally feel your food pipe cool right down to your stomach!

What are you waiting for then? Copy these recipes on your kitchen board and start planning your summer meals so that your skin also smiles!