The Best Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye makeup can literally make or break your look. Be it a simple liner and some mascara, or the full smoky cat eyes… your day’s makeup is incomplete without getting the eyes done. But everybody gets bored of the same eye makeup all the time. So if you are looking for the best makeup ideas, then we are here to help! With some classics and other trendy ideas, we have curated this list, especially for you.


1. Graphic Eyes

Graphic eyes are all the rage right now. The use of graphic eyeliner has increased manifold, with eccentric colors like purples, blues, turquoises, and even orange! When used with complementary eye shadows to make geometric patterns over your eyelids, these liners help create graphic eyes. Graphic eyes make a bold statement and are usually finished with a dark creamy pencil on your lid lines.

You can easily create this look by investing in a colored liner and some eyeshadow. Or if you have a big event coming up, then go for a salon or makeup artist to give you this look.

2. Metallic Eyeshadow

The trend of metallic eyeshadow seems to be back after its long run in the early 2000s. What is a metallic eyeshadow? It is your usual eyeshadow with gold or silver accents to give it a metallic look. For this season of 2022, special metallic colors like bronze, copper, green-silver, and foil-gold have been on the market. You can add one of these eyeshadows to your lids and hop on the bandwagon. But make sure to keep all other makeup toned down to let your eyelids shine!

3. Neon Eyes

Eye makeup in neon graphics, eyeshadows, liners, etc is in! So brighten your eyes with either a simple thin line of neon (yellow/orange/pink) eyeliner, or go for something bolder and make your graphic eye shapes with a neon eyeliner! Mascara in neons and purples and blues is also trending now. So to add more boldness to your look you can also take a matching neon mascara.

4. Jeweled Accents

This trend is very elaborate, but very impressive. In homage to the Y2K or the early 2000s era, jeweled accents of 2022 are dazzling the fashion runways and celeb galas. Baby pearls, rhinestones or crystals are stuck in geometric or concentric patterns around the eyes. Or just a pair or two are added along the lid line. The best base for jeweled eyes is silver or shimmery. Metallic also goes well as an eyeshadow, with a line of dark cat-eye liner and dark mascara to finish.

5. Smokey Bottom Liner

We have all heard of full Smokey eye makeup (mainly the eyelids). But this year, the smokey bottom line makeup is making heads turn. This trend started on TickTock and has been catching like wildfire. They also call it the ‘reserve cat’ eye makeup as the winged eyeliner is applied to your bottom lid line. Use a black or grey eye pencil to darken your under eyes and smudge them as you would on your upper lids. Matte products are in demand for this look, especially matte black, charcoal black, and soft black.


1. White Tightline

To get those big eyes that pop instantly, the white eyeliner for tight lining has been been used for a long time. So much so that it’s practically a classic by now! Use a dark (black or dark brown) eyeliner to line your upper lids, and then go for your tightline with a white liner. This one is timeless, and impacts your overall makeup look greatly.

You can also use the white liner to line your waterline to get some more pop!

2. Big Eyes

Getting big Bambi eyes has been a classic way to highlight your face. This one is pretty simple — dark winged eyeliner, white waterline, heavy mascara that curves out and away from your nose, and some light eyeshadow that smudges dark at the edges. You will see your eyes look big instantly! This is a sophisticated look and works well for professional settings as well as for parties. If you keep your eyeshadow neutral, all the better for professional settings.

3. Cat Eyes

This one is not for a professional setting! Cat-eye makeup is classic flirty date makeup where your winged eyeliner goes longer and pulls like that of a cat’s outer eyelids. The color of your eyeliner is also usually dark, preferably black. Add some dark eyeshadow and mascara, and you are good to go!

Some of the above makeup trends are easily replicated at home, while others need some professional attention. So if you are planning to attend a special event like a party or your big prom night, then it is best to lock your look and get some professional help. You can start by booking an appointment at Savarnas Beauty Spa to get the eye makeup of your choice! Do it now and get the slot of your convenience.