Threading Hair Removal for Men: The Whys and How’s

Thick and unruly brows are the bane of everyone’s existence. This problem is not confined to only womenkind. It affects men just as badly. So why do men shy from getting their eyebrows done and tame those unibrows? Why is it not common already to see a man walk up to a salon and get his eyebrows shaped?

At Savarnas Beauty Spa, we are proud to inform you that our customers are women as well as men, walking in proudly to get their eyebrows some attention from experts. Threading is one of the most common methods of hair removal from around the eyebrows. So today we talk about threading hair removal for men and the whys and hows of the process. 

Men’s Eyebrow Problems Through the Ages

-     Men in their 20s and 30s may struggle with bushy and unruly brows, unibrow, etc. Some need only minor tweezing, while others need proper threading to get the brows in line.

-     Older men may show signs of thinning eyebrows due to age, and hence need more help in terms of rejuvenating the eyebrow hairs as well as threading to make the shape grow properly. 

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

For the uninformed, eyebrow threading is a hair-removal technique that is one of the most ancient in the world. It is traced back to South Asia and the Middle East, where they used a simple cotton thread to lift the hairs from the follicles to remove them. Today also a thread made from 100% cotton is used. It is a very precise method, and non-invasive. No chemicals are used, and the shaping of brows is near perfect.

This method is extensively used by women as well as men. It also works effectively on unibrow (a common problem among men). The pain levels of threading are also believed to be lower than waxing or tweezing.

Why Should Men Get Eyebrow Threading?

  • Because threading is quick, relatively painless, effective, and very precise. No extra hairs are removed as the aesthetician controls every single hair with their twined thread. It is not as tedious as plucking out hair after hair, but doesn’t go as out-of-hand as waxing either. 
  • It is very effective in long-lasting results, as the hairs are removed from their roots. This ensures that your next trip to the salon is at least 3 to 4 weeks away (depending on your hair growth). 
  • Threading eyebrows for men is catching up as a trend now and has become very popular at salons and spas. Threading studios have also popped up at various locales to just cater to eyebrows. 
  • Threading is done so precisely, that your shaped brows won’t appear unnatural at all. Many men are concerned that getting eyebrows done would make them look feminine. But threading doesn’t leave those ingrowns or dark patches that many times shaving does. 
  • What’s more is, a good aesthetician who is experienced in threading eyebrows for men knows the shape and techniques to make your eyebrows appear natural and manly. 
  • Another major reason for getting eyebrow threading is neatness and hygiene. All the bushy hairs and strays may make your face appear messy. But once you get your eyebrows in shape, you look well looked-after and ready to storm into a boardroom or saunter in on an impromptu date. 
  • Threading for men is also coveted on areas like the forehead, upper cheeks, and between the eyebrows. Cleaning up these areas after a clean shave and a sharp haircut adds to the crisp and clean appearance of a man. 

How is Eyebrow Threading Done for Men?

  • Your aesthetician analyses your eyebrows, the hair growth patterns, and any history of plucking, shaving, etc. 
  • This is followed by a consultation of the eyebrow shape that would suit your face best. Many men are clueless about this, so the aesthetician may explain the symmetry of face shapes and brows. 
  • If not, then it is usually understood that you only need some strays removed from your eyebrows to get them neat and presentable. 
  • You may also opt to get your unibrow (if you have one) threaded.
  • If you don’t want to disrupt your current eyebrow shape at all, then mention it to the aesthetician and they will take care of it.
  • Once you are both on the same page, the aesthetician may dust some powder onto your eyebrows to absorb excess oils, and start work with a twined cotton thread.
  • The threading process itself is pretty quick and may be over in about 5-10 minutes. 
  • If you wish, you could also get any other stray, fine or fuzzy hairs on your face (except beard) threaded to look neat and presentable. 

So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at Savarnas Beauty Spa and get your eyebrows in shape now.