Tips on Skincare Manifestations

If you have been around on the internet lately, you know that gratitude exercises and manifestations are big on the influencer agenda. From top celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga to Instagram influencers like Gabby Bernstein and the Kardashians, manifestation has been working wonders for them all. So why should you not reap its benefits? Today we are here to tell you all about skincare manifestation, and how to make it work in your favour. If you have been suffering from skin problems all your life, and need some breather, then do not forget to save these tips on skincare manifestation. Because at Savarnas, we are all about helping you make your skin healthy and wholesome. 

1. Think Positive

The ‘think positive’ philosophy is not just a couple of pretty words. One of the first tips for skincare manifestations is to not get obsessed with your skin problem. It is a slippery road, thinking too much about your skin problem. Instead, focus your energy on seeing the positives. Look at the fact that you have been able to diagnose your problem, and appreciate the blessing that you have the means and the resources to search for solutions. Acne, for eg., is such a common problem. But not everybody in every part of the world has the financial means or the resources to afford products and treatments for it. 

2. Visualise Your Ideal Skin

This exercise is a very strong manifestation technique. Every morning, when you wake up and look in the mirror, at your bare skin, visualise the kind of skin you want for yourself. Do you want health? Vitality? Glow? Clear complexion? Smoother surface? All of these and more? When you visualise this, the power shifts from ‘what is’ to ‘what will be.’ And that’s what manifestation is all about — imagining something that is already going to happen. You are training your brain to believe it’s going to happen. 

And no, it’s no magic that will bring it true but your own will and wit. Your brain will compel you to search for remedies, try more skincare treatments, go for those facial appointments that you have been skipping, and switch yourself from junk, unhealthy stuff to healthier foods. 

3. Journal

In addition to visualising your ideal skin, you must also maintain a journal to write down your skin goals. It may not have an end date in mind. Just keep it random and free-flowing every day. Or if you are busy, then do it every week. Sit down in a quiet place, open your skincare journal, and write down 3-5 skin goals you have. And write them as if they have already come true. For eg.

  • I have clear, smooth, acne-free skin
  • My skin is youthful and bright
  • My skin is beautiful and glowing
  • My skin is disease-free and radiant

Make sure that you curb any negative words like not, without, no, nothing, none, don’t know etc in your journaling. The vibes of your words resonate with the universe, as well as your mind (which is a smaller universe in itself). 

4. Affirmations

Affirmations are one of the most important trainers of your mind. Mind over matter, they say? Affirmations are what make your mind take over the matter. You have to keep telling yourself you can until you do. This works for skincare too. Write down your most important skincare goals, and paste that sheet of paper on your bathroom mirror, or your cupboard. Look at the list and read them whenever you pass by. This helps rewire your mind to believe in the positive, focus its energy on the constructive, and achieve all the pointers that you have listed.

5. Meditate

It’s not all hocus pocus really. Yogis have, over millenniums, manifested their desires through meditation. All you need to do is calm your mind enough to let go of its old belief systems and tragic skin experiences. And then you have to trust your mind and the universe to make things possible. Meditation aids you in this. It also relaxes you, a pro-effect that we all need in our daily life. 

6. Gratitude

Be grateful. The tail end of manifestation is to be grateful, even before you are granted something. Be grateful for all that you have and for all that you will have. This positive feeling attracts even more positivity to your skin. And as you climb higher on gratitude exercises you will see how you are pushing away old patterns, be it self-pity or talking down or jealousy or envy. 

As we mentioned above, manifestations are no magic. They don’t come to you on a silver platter. They are a methodical way of wiring your mind to work better, search for better solutions, and by divine interference of the universe — hit the jackpot from time to time. So try it out, and see the difference. And in the meanwhile, visit us at Savarnas Beauty Spa to nourish the vitality of your skin.