Tips to Flaunt Your Bikini

Summer is here and with is has gotten the bikini season. All those pool parties, beach vacations and resort days are here to stay. So get ready with your best bathing suits and summer bods, because we have a long list of tips here for you to flaunt your bikini!

Flaunting your bikini comes in 3 parts — Prepping your body, picking the best bikinis, and doing all pre-checks before you step out!


1. Eat Right

Start preparing for your bikini body at least 2-3 months before summer by eating right. Don’t go on crash diets or no-carb weeks. Instead, make sure to eat balanced meals every day which are cooked fresh with vegetables, fibrous foods and lean meats for protein. Avoid processed foods, sugary snacks and frozen meals. As you come closer to summer, avoid foods that may cause bloating (this is the time to reduce your carb intake). This is also the time to avoid foods like cabbage, beans, broccoli etc that may bloat your gut due to gas. Eat more tomatoes, spinach and celery along with fresh fruits. This may help you get rid of water weight. 

2. Hydrate Well

During the days you want to flaunt your bikini, make sure to drink enough water. The biggest mistake most women make is to read tabloids and try to emulate celebrities by holding back on their water to flaunt their bodies. While the opposite is true. Drink enough water (not in excess), but reduce your salt intake so that you don’t get water retention when you wear your bikini over a flat tummy. If you are bored of drinking plain water, add some lemon slices or fruits for infusion. 

3. Keep the Body Active

To make your body ready to flaunt a bikini, it is also important to keep it physically active. Include some kind of cardio into your daily routine — be it treadmill, jogging, swimming or walking. To further tone your muscles try yoga or gymming. All of this helps you chisel your body (mainly tummy, thighs and waist). Get this underway for a few months before summer and you are golden!

4. Get Rid of that Body Hair

Well, this one’s pretty important. Before you wear that revealing bikini, make sure to get your arms, legs, thighs and even stomach and back waxed. What’s more, get your bikini area waxed to look smooth, chic and perfect. You can get a bikini wax if you only want to remove the excess hair outside your bikini bottoms. Or you can go for a Brazilian Wax if you want to get rid of all the hair down there. To get a smooth, hygienic bikini wax or Brazilian wax from a skilled aesthetician book your appointment now at Savarnas Beauty Spa.


5. The Top

You can always buy your bikinis in pairs. Or you can go and shop for the top and bottom separately. To find your perfect bikini top, make sure that the size is right. Only then start browsing styles and colours. While choosing the style or cut, take into account your body type. For eg., if you have a heavier chest, then it is preferred to opt for better support and thicker shoulder straps. While if you are smaller on top then choose something with more padding, ruffles or bandeau. Halter tops can work for both.

6. The Bottom

Complement your bikini top with the bottom. And you don’t need to buy it in the same colour either. Nowadays mix-and-match is back in vogue, with a patterned top and a plain bottom. Again, make sure that you buy in the right size, and choose your bottom shape according to your body type. For women with shorter legs, pick a high-cut bikini bottom that gives the illusion of longer legs. If you have long legs then pick something that focuses attention on your butt (eg. ties, bows or other embellishments). For slimmer bodies, you can create the illusion of curves by choosing a high-waist bottom. 

7. The Cover

Of course, you will need a cover, be it a kimono, sarong or crochet dress. Choose the cut and style of your cover to match your bikini. And keep it light and flowy for your comfort. 


8. Sunscreen and Suntan

Before you step out on the beach to flaunt your amazing bikini, make sure to apply a generous dose of sunscreen on your face and a thick lather of suntan lotion on your body. It is a must if you want to protect your skin from sunburns, skin-related problems and dark spots. 

9. Sunglasses

A must if you want to protect the delicate under-eye area. Sunglasses help cut out the direct sun rays from reaching this area, which gets affected easily. You can also get a pair of UV-cutting sunglasses that are better for your under eyes. 

10. Hat

A hat is never a bad idea on the beach! In addition to giving you protection from the sun, it also makes for a chic style statement. And gets you amazing Instagram photos!

So get going and be ready to flaunt your bikini this summer!