Unique Ideas for Christmas Gifting

It’s such a joy, all those gifts under the tree, all the excited squeals as wrapping paper is torn and ribbons go flying. Christmas gives each one of us this joy — to see our loved ones enjoy gifts given from the bottom of our hearts. But often, we are left wondering what will make them happy. As the holidays approach, and there are signboards and hoardings and humongous ads around for gifting, our brain often scrambles to find the best one. If you are in such a fix, then here are some unique ideas for Christmas gifting. We have curated a mix of utilitarian, pampering and experience-oriented gifts so that you can choose at your convenience.

  1. Indoor Plants & Planters

If you want to make an impression this Christmas and bestow a gift that keeps giving, then there’s nothing better than bringing an indoor plant. The greenery, the added oxygen, and the blooms when the flowering season comes… are going to make your loved one remember you every time they look at it. Some of the most coveted and prettiest indoor plants include bonsai, money plants, crassula, jade plants and cute indoor succulents. If you want to go one step further, then you can also gift planters and window planters for their kitchen. Women will appreciate herbs like oregano, mint, thyme and basil.

  1. Polaroid Camera

You may wonder why should one even think of a polaroid camera when there are such cinematic phones in every pocket? But there is something very romantic about the polaroid camera. Its true, they were all the rage back in the 70s and 80s, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them in that era. Polaroids are instant memory makers that bring tangible, solid prints into your hand on the spot. You can write what you felt in that moment, and store those photographs for eternity. Somebody who is just as romantic at heart will appreciate this unique Christmas gift.

  1. Self-Love & Gratitude Diary

Self-love is such a rare sight nowadays. Everybody is busy and angry and sad and just too tired to care about themselves. That is why one of the most unique and loving ideas for Christmas gifting this season is a cute self-love diary. You can also bring a gratitude journal, as this exercise also encourages our mind to formulate self-love. All of these help in the overall development of confidence and a positive attitude.

  1. Korean Sheet Masks

Korean beauty hacks have been huge in the last couple of years in the United States. Women here have been swooning over the clear glass skin of Korean beauties in K-dramas, coveting such flawless appearance for themselves too. This is hence the time to help them achieve that. Sheet masks are a form of skincare as well as self-care, where you get to pamper yourself at home. Bring a pack of Korean sheet masks and wrap them up in some cute paper and tuck a sprig of holly. It’s simple, inexpensive, and yet thoughtful.

  1. Personalised Skincare Box

This gift is a step up from the Korean sheet masks. If you want to take skincare and self-care to the next level and assemble something bigger, then make a personalised skincare gift box for them. You can add their favourite skincare products, bath bombs, candles and even jade rollers. Christmas-themed candy and scented candles will add to the effect, as will a piece of warm garment like a beanie or a woollen scarf.

  1. Adult Coloring Books

No, coloring books is not only for children and artists. It is a therapeutic exercise that has been proven to improve focus, relaxation and positive feelings. It’s another inexpensive gift, but brings a smile to somebody’s face, and helps them de-stress from time to time. You will find a plethora of choices for adult coloring books. Grab a pack of colouring pencils or pens to go with them, and it’s a unique Christmas gift!

  1. Travel Charcuterie Set

A handy charcuterie board set is unique. Unlike your usual boards, which are assembled at home and need to be set on a flat wooden platter, a travel set can be assembled in a wooden travel case. You can fill it yourself with all their favourite cheeses, meats, crackers, fruits and chocolates. Pair it up with a wine of your choice and they will know how much time and thought you spent to feed them something so gourmet on-the-go.

  1. Gourmet Coffee & Treats

Talking about feeding, and hoping somebody feels good through food, why not coffee? Everybody needs caffeine and most Americans use coffee as their wake-up crutch. Let your loved one enjoy some gourmet coffee for their post-holiday mornings when going to work is only made better by the sweet smell of fragrant coffee roast! You can also make a hamper of treats to match your gourmet coffee bag — biscotti, muffins, stroopwafels and shortbreads.

  1. Facial Gift Certificate

For gifting a unique experience this Christmas, bring your loved one a decadent facial gift certificate. They wouldn’t be able to resist this gift because who doesn’t want an hour of expert fingers working on their skin? Women, especially, arefans of a good skin treatment that also relaxes them. You will earn brownie points for thinking about their relaxation, happiness and their skin — three things that even they may not often consider.

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