What are Combo Brows and Why are they Trending this Summer?

This summer, a new trend has taken wind in the permanent makeup market. It’s called combo brows. You may have heard about it, or seen it on the latest, hottest Instagram posts, and wondered how it's done. You may have coveted that beautiful shaded look and wanted to know more about it. Then here it is, an evolved form of microblading that has been winning hearts this year. To find out what are combo brows and why they are trending this summer, read on.

What are Combo Brows?

  • Combo Brows, as the name suggests, is a combination of microblading and shading. 
  • What does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, combo brows are done with the help of a hand-held tattooing device that deposits the pigment in your skin in hair-like strokes. 
  • After this, natural shading is added in the spaces between these hair strokes so that your eyebrows look fuller and darker. 
  • This creates a powdery appearance of the brows as if you have done up the brows with professional makeup like eyebrow powders and pencils. 
  • Combo Brows are very effective for people who have very scarce eyebrow hair growth and want that full and dark look without putting in the daily makeup effort.
  • They are also recommended for those women who have oily skin because the strokes of microblading may become blurry when the skin secretes oil. A tint of powdery shade under them makes them look natural and more long-lasting. 
  • Combo brows are also used by women who have brow tattoos and wish to cover them up. 
  • It is ‘in’ this summer with many microblading artists offering customised services to their clients. 
  • Since the summer season is known for stimulating more oily and sweaty skin, combo brows become a boon. They are of course waterproof and smudge-proof, as well as sweat proof, giving you the perfect look even when you climb out of a swimming pool!

Microblading V/S Combo Brows


  • Hair-like strokes on your eyebrows create the illusion of eyebrow shape and fullness.
  • Looks natural, but not as full as one would want heavy make-up eyebrows to look.
  • They last 1-2 years .
  • Recommended for dry skin, normal skin etc.

Combo Brows:

  • Shading is added on top of the hair-like strokes, mainly in the head and tail end of the eyebrows.
  • Looks natural as well as full, like a professional makeup artist has worked their magic on your eyebrows.
  • They last a little longer than microblading as shading is also added. 
  • Recommended for oily skin. 

The healing process, healing time and after-care for both Microblading and Combo Brows are pretty much the same. The follow-up touchup appointments are compulsory for both. After which, most artists only call you once a year. The expense for both treatments is also close in the range, with combo brows being slightly higher due to an added feature.

Why are Combo Brows Trending this Summer?

  • Summer is the time to turn up the music and jump into pools. At this time every woman wishes she had the perfect water-proof makeup to get her through long, swimming days. Combo brows come to the rescue here and have become insanely popular among the lot. 
  • Combo brows also save a ton of time as women don’t need to spend long hours in front of the mirror applying brow makeup or touching up.  
  • They are sweat-proof and hence perfect for all those summer outdoor activities like workouts, rock climbing, hiking, camping etc. 
  • Combo brows are so amazing for those lazy vacations where you want pretty Instagram stories but don’t want to keep brushing your brows every time you take them!

Tips to Protect Combo Brows:

  • Keep your touch-up appointments regularly.
  • Use a sunscreen approved by your artist to protect your combo brows in the summer.
  • You may need to tweeze out some stray hairs every now and then, depending on your growth. Or you can visit your artist to get it done. 

It is summer ‘o clock already and you need to buck up to this new trend! It’s going to last for a couple of years at least and save you so much money, makeup and time in the long run. So what are you waiting for? Book your nearest microblading artist now! We at Savarnas Beauty Spa have some of the best in the business, and offer a range of permanent makeup services, from microblading to permanent eyeliner and even permanent lip liner.