What is Skincare Gratitude Exercise? Does it Work?

Our elders always taught us the three golden phrases — please, sorry and thank you. The latter of the three though is not only meant for the people around us, but for the universe too. It’s called gratitude and has been climbing the charts of popularity lately among spiritual, lifestyle and skincare influencers on Instagram. In fact, there is a whole sphere called skincare gratitude where women are achieving the skin of their dreams by being grateful.

No, don’t discount this as hocus pocus just yet. Read on to know what is skincare gratitude exercise and does it work for you? 

Why Gratitude?

Feeling grateful for something or someone can do the following:

  • Take away feelings of pride
  • Take away feelings of inadequacy
  • Take away feelings of jealousy and envy
  • Reduce worry
  • Bring a sense of happiness
  • Make us reinforce the belief that something bigger than us is taking care of us
  • Improve our interpersonal connections
  • Help us see the good around us
  • Improve our mental health by reducing negative emotions, hormones and stress

And a study from Harvard Health says — that giving thanks can make you happier. Celebrities and beauty icons like Emma Watson, Oprah Winfrey, Emily Weiss, Ariana Huffington and the Kardashian sisters swear by saying thanks through gratitude exercises, for their life as well as for their skin.

What is Skincare Gratitude?

Nobody has perfect skin. They work towards making it better every day, without fail. The products, treatments and procedures may work for some people while they fail for others. That is why so many women try a handful of creams and dermatologists before giving up altogether. That is why when they quit and become despondent, their skin problems may attack with an even stronger force. Acne, for eg, is such a common and unending kind of skin problem. 

Skincare gratitude works towards conditioning your body and mind internally. By saying thank you for all the good things you already have for your skin, within your skin, you are telling the universe and your mind how receptive you are for more good to happen. And if you are not on for spiritual or universal talks, then physiologically speaking, gratitude regulates your moods and hormones, rescuing stress. Skin is directly related to your mental health and hence benefits greatly from this change. A daily dose of gratitude boosts your immune system, helping in skin cell repair and rejuvenation. While you are also less irritated and not as easily triggered by skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, breakouts etc. 

Some Easy Skincare Gratitude Exercises

It’s not very tough to start. You just need a clear head and an open mind to begin: 

  1. Journal

Grab a journal and pen. Sit down in a calm spot in your house every day. And write down at least 1 thing that you are thankful for in your skin. For eg., I am grateful for the nutrition I get for my skin. Or I am grateful for the gorgeous natural tone of my skin. Try and exclude any negative words from this journaling. 

  1. Mirror Affirmations

Every morning, look at your bare skin in the mirror after you wake up and tell yourself three good things in the second person — ‘You are glowing. Your skin looks beautiful this morning. Your skin feels supple.’ Do this every day, and you will inevitably find something good to say to yourself. 

  1. Yoga & Mediation

Mindfulness and gratitude are accelerated when you learn to calm your mind. And no better workout for the mind than yoga and meditation. Start practising it, either at a studio near you or through YouTube guided videos. It will take you a long way.

  1. Like Your Own Skin

When decked up in makeup, everybody loves their skin. The trick is in liking your skin when it is bare and clean, on an everyday basis. Do this to yourself by going makeup-free on certain days of the week, taking bare-faced selfies, sharing on your social media, writing about your journey, and basically being open about your struggles. 

  1. Show Your Gratitude

Words may not always be enough, so show your gratitude to the universe by taking better care of your skin. Drink more water, eat healthier and nutritious food, make it a habit to wear sunscreen every single day, and don’t forget your moisturiser. Keep your facial appointment every month, and talk about your skincare with friends, cousins, and your esthetician without shying away. Grab good sleep every night. 

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