When to Let Your Teenage Daughter Start Threading? How to Make it Easy for Her?

Raising daughters is one of the most beautiful experiences of life. But then there are also those birds and bees talks, tough period days and first-waxing, first-eyebrow, first-threading experiences. These usually come along with teenage, and as a mother, you must understand the mental as well as the physical reasons behind them. Skincare experts are often asked this question — 'When to let my teenage daughter start threading?’ ‘When is it ok to shape her eyebrows?’ ‘How to make it easy for her?’

At Savarnas Beauty Spa, we are here to answer some of these questions.

What is the Right Age to Shape Eyebrows?

It depends on what method of hair removal you are using to shape the eyebrows. Many aestheticians don’t recommend plucking or tweezing until 20 years of age. Threading, on the other hand, can be started between 13-16 years. For waxing, it is better to wait until about 14 years as that’s when skin sensitivity may start to decrease. But the decision to get eyebrows done must also depend on hair-growth density and your daughter’s own will to get it done. Some girls may enjoy natural brows. 

Most girls usually want their eyebrows done by the time of their first school dance, which is about 15-16. In case they have a unibrow or very thick, bushy brows then they may want it earlier. 

Why Threading is Better for Your Teenage Daughter?

Threading is an ancient hair-removal method that is non-invasive, doesn’t use any chemicals, and results in long-lasting results (about 4 weeks). A simple cotton thread is used to lift the eyebrow hairs from their roots, making it also very precise. Let’s look at why threading is better for your teenage daughter.

- Relatively Less Painful

As compared to waxing and plucking, threading is believed to be less painful. And for young teenagers starting out, this is positive reinforcement. 

- Very Precise

In threading, all the control rests with the aesthetician who manoeuvres the thread. What this means is, that every single stray hair can be removed, even the tiny and stubby ones. So your teenager will get a clean, precise and pretty look. 

- Natural

As a parent, you wouldn’t want to expose your daughter’s delicate skin to chemicals like waxes, strips etc. Hence threading is perfect, as it only uses a 100% cotton thread and nothing else. 

- Less Skin Irritation

Threading doesn’t strip away layers of your skin like waxing does. This is hence minimally irritating. For teenagers and youngsters who may already be suffering acne, breakouts, skin problems and such, threading is better. 

How to Make Threading Easy for Your Teenage Daughter?

  • Make sure she grabs a warm shower before her appointment. The hot water softens the eyebrow hairs, making the threading process much less painful. 
  • Discourage her from applying any eye makeup before the appointment. Especially brow makeup.
  • Talk to her about what kind of eyebrows she wants, discuss shapes and arcs, and tell her about shapes that you usually go for.
  • If it is her first time and she is scared of a big change, then just go for a mild cleaning-up of the brows. This clears any stray hairs around the natural shape of her eyebrows, and also gives her the confidence to come back for threading with bolder ideas. 
  • Encourage her to talk to the aesthetician herself, instead of you doing all the talking. This will also embolden her to ask questions, voice her opinions, and learn about eyebrow threading. 
  • If possible, make it a mother-daughter date. You can also get your eyebrow threading done and bond over it with her. It helps her with courage, and also makes awesome memories for you both!
  • You can even return home and apply ice cubes together, lying back on the sofa, discussing celebrity eyebrows!

If your daughter is ready to get her eyebrows done and is excited for threading, then go ahead. Book your appointment at Savarnas Beauty Spa today and don’t forget to mention that it’s your daughter’s first threading experience. Our aestheticians are experienced and skilled, known to get repeat customers all the time. We will strive to make this experience as smooth and fun for her as possible!