Which Hair-Removal Methods are Safe For Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy is a time of life-changing experiences. A beautiful time when a woman is believed to exude glow. And naturally, every woman would want to enhance this glow and look her best before nappies and sleepless nights attack her! Therefore things like getting the smoothest skin or taking care of your hair take precedence. But how safe are hair-removal methods? Are they ok for pregnant women? Do they harm the child or the mother’s health? Here’s a blog to answer these questions and tell you which hair-removal methods are safe for pregnant women.

Hair Growth During Pregnancy

  • Do hair-growth patterns change during pregnancy? Well, yes.
  • Many women report that their body hair grows darker and thicker during this time, thanks to the many hormonal changes.
  • Also, they report that hair sprouts in unexpected places.
  • Nobody wants this excess hair for 9 months. Nobody wants to disturb their self-care routine either.
  • So let’s discuss the safe hair-removal methods during pregnancy. 

Safe Hair Removal Methods for Pregnant Women

1. Threading 

-     Threading is one of the safest and often-recommended hair-removal methods for pregnant women.

-     There is no use of chemicals, hot substances, or invasive tools in threading.

-     The hair removal is done with a simple thread made from 100% cotton. And that’s it! The technique itself is dependent on the aesthetician’s skill.

-     The pain also, reportedly, is lower for threading than some of its counterparts.

-     What’s more, is, you can get your eyebrows, chin, sideburns, upper and lower lips and other hairy parts of your face threaded to precision.

-     Threading may also be done on larger body parts like arms and legs.

-     It doesn’t leave any burns or raised skin. Any redness that accompanies the process goes down in a couple of hours. 

2. Shaving

-     Shaving can be termed safe during pregnancy.

-     It does not use any chemicals or tools except some shaving gel or soap and a razor blade.

-     It is quick and simple and can be done in the shower.

-     But as your pregnancy becomes more advanced, you may need help in the shower while shaving. It is hence recommended that if you are heavily pregnant, then take the help of your partner, especially while shaving your legs. 

3. Waxing

-     Waxing is relatively safe during pregnancy, and is a good idea if you are not too sensitive.

-     Sometimes the skin of pregnant women becomes sensitive and hence you become more susceptible to pain. So take note beforehand.

-     Also, do not wax over areas affected by melasma or any areas where you use antibiotics. It is best to check with your doctor before you wax.

4. Brazilian /Bikini Wax

-     Hair removal in the bikini area and nether regions is a luxury many women like to enjoy.

-     But during pregnancy, it might be a little too sensitive.

-     If you still wish to go for a Brazilian or Bikini wax then choose a hygienic spa, and ensure that your aesthetician wears clean, brand new gloves and uses a spatula to apply wax. This keeps the bacteria spread in check.

-     Disclose to the aesthetician in advance about your pregnancy so that they can be extra gentle. 

-     Try and avoid at-home Brazilian or Bikini shaves as your growing belly and upset sense of balance may not allow you to tend well to the area. 

Now that you have gone through all the safe hair-removal methods during pregnancy, we are here to help you navigate pregnancy with smooth, hair-free skin. You can book an appointment for threading, waxing, or Brazilian/Bikini waxing with Savarnas Beauty Spa now, and enjoy your 9 blissful months! Our aestheticians take extra care to make you comfortable and tend to your skin while removing hair, especially when you are pregnant. To book your appointment, click here.