Why Every Man Must Get a Facial Once a Month

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. And yet, there’s so much same stuff that they need on Earth! Like facials. Oh yes. If you are a man and are shutting this website right away, then freeze for a second. It’s true. Men need regular facials because they have skins to take care too! Think about it — facial is a self-care process more than an aesthetic one. Many women do indulge in it to pamper themselves and look good, but at its core, a facial is done purely to clean your skin, moisturise it well, and help rejuvenate. So men from Mars, do not skip this blog before going all the way. Because here’s why every man must get a facial once a month.

1. Mens Skin Needs Nourishment Too

In fact, men’s skin sometimes needs more nourishment as statistically, they are exposed to the sun more than women. Men often skip sunscreen while they go about their day, which means their skin is also more sun-damaged. They also have skin thicker than women and are prone to more irritation and rashes after shaving regularly. Therefore a soothing and rejuvenating facial from time to time helps keep their skin calm and healthy.

2. Regular Cleansing

Unlike women, who enjoy leisurely cleansing and exfoliating rituals every few days at home, men seldom touch more than a bar of soap. It may be fine to clean their facial skin on a surface level, but not enough to get out all the dirt, dust, excess oils and dead skin accumulated deep within their pores (men also have larger pores). The deep cleansing and steaming in a professional facial removes all the grime and dirt buried deep in men’s pores, finishing it with a massage that stimulates better blood circulation.

3. Clean-Up

This one’s a kind of continuation of the last point. But detailed, especially for men with acne-prone and oily skin. These men are more prone to blackheads. What are blackheads? They are those dark dots you see on the tip of your nose or forehead that refuse to go away how-much-ever you try scrubbing with your soap. These are nothing but pores with dirt that are cleaned up by a special technique that is best not tried at home. A facial takes care of it.

4. Dead Skin Removal

You may not see it, but your skin has a layer of dead skin. That’s why you may feel your face looking darker or duller or simply too tired. This dead skin is removed easily through a treatment called exfoliation, which is done in the process of a facial. Some exfoliators can simply break down the stubborn dead skin cell layers and scrub them off, leaving your new and healthy skin to breathe better. This opens up your complexion. How do you think those Hollywood heroes have such shiny noses and foreheads? They too get facials regularly and let their healthy skin shine.

5. Skin Problem Solutions

As a man, you may refuse to address it, but a skin problem is a real problem. Be it dry skin or acne that populates your cheek and refuses to go. That is why you must have a standing appointment with a spa for a monthly facial. This helps with two things — one, you get to talk your problem out with somebody who knows skin and skincare, and two, you can get the right solution. Because believe it or not, there are special facials to address all of the above problems and more. You also get recommended what products to use for your specific skin type and skin problem.

6. Relaxation

If you’ve never gotten a facial, then you don’t know the sublime relaxation that takes over your muscles by the end of the treatment. After your skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, steamed and nourished with a mask, the esthetician spends some time massaging your facial and neck muscles. This is done to revive your skin, drain the lymph nodes and sinuses, stimulate blood circulation, and relieve any stress. And what a stress relief that is! That is why women keep coming back for more. And you won’t be able to resist either.

So all the men out there — take your skincare into your own hands. It will go a long way in making you look suaver, put-together and presentable. Ladies do love a man who takes care of himself, and soft, shiny skin is one of the first signs that you do. Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa and book yourself for a monthly facial right now. Because wherever you are from, Mars or Venus, you need to enjoy a delectable massage at Savarnas to get the glowing, healthy skin of your dreams!