Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Get Your Facial?

Every season comes with its own set of skincare woes. With the end of summer, we may breathe a sigh of relief that clogged pores and sun exposure are behind us. But fall has brought its own set of skin issues! In fact, if you ignore your skincare in the fall, you may as well give up on skincare altogether! Because it’s a very crucial time, when the dryness in the air affects your skin’s moisture barrier, texture, tone and overall health. This is the perfect season for a facial. Why, you’d ask. Here’s why.

Read on to know why fall is the perfect time to get your facial. 

Fall Skin Problems 

  • The cold and dry air accelerates the drying of your skin.
  • All that sun, outdoor activities, and chlorine from the pool catch up with your skin and result in a dull and pigmented appearance.
  • As fall progresses, the dry and dead skin cells form an impenetrable barrier over your skin and don’t let it absorb any product. 
  • Hot showers, indoor heating, and lack of humidity strip your skin of essential natural oils.

Why Fall is the Perfect Time for a Facial 


1. Deep Cleansing Clogged Pores

The summer has left a lot of backlog of dirt, dust, oils and bacteria that clog your pores. You may not notice it at first as the season changes but all of this solidifies and becomes stubborn in the cold and dry air of fall. Slowly you will start noticing that your appearance looks duller and duller, your skin may feel leathery. And it may lead to other problems like breakouts. Therefore it is best to kickstart fall with a deep cleansing facial. This prevents all of the above and maintains the vitality and cleanliness of your skin going into fall as well as winter.

2. Exfoliating Dry and Dead Skin

You also need to get a facial to get professional exfoliation. Sun exposure and skin damage leave a lot more layers of dead and dry skin cells. They are invisible but form a barrier to your healthy complexion slowly. To uncover that healthy complexion and let it breathe the fall air, you need to get a nice facial. In case you have matured or aging skin, or have blemishes and acne scars, then microdermabrasion is recommended at this time. This will also prep your skin to look its best during all those Halloween and Thanksgiving parties.

3. Moisturising

What most women fail to understand is that moisture for your skin is not only the daily moisturiser you apply. It is also the regular dose of hydrating products like serums and masks that are rubbed into your skin by expert professional hands. This happens only through a hydrating facial, where your skin is prepared to bear the excruciating days of cold temperatures and extremely dry air. The loss of humidity in fall depletes the skin’s moisture too, making it parched and stretchy-looking. This is the right time to book a facial appointment and reclaim your dewy, soft appearance. 

4. Overall Skin Repair and Rejuvenation

The end of summer may have meant different things for different people. But for most women, the end of summer means discovering signs of sun damage, chlorine damage and outdoor pollution on their skin. From tans to sunburns, dull skin to pigmentation, it may be chaos. That is why a repairing and rejuvenating facial is the way to go in the fall. It takes care of all these problems, as well as leaves you with a clean canvas to enjoy your autumn makeup, styling and skincare!

5. Recover Your Skin Before Winter Sets in

You should ensure that your skin recovers and starts to feel its best before winter. Because this season is pretty harsh. The freezing temperatures, days spent in indoor heating, no humidity, hot showers and hours in the bathtub are not at all good for your skin. So to enjoy all of that, get a facial at the end of fall too.

6. Prepare for the Holidays

And of course, you need to look your best during the holidays! Not only on Christmas eve or at the New Year’s party but on all the festive days leading up to them. You may have family coming over, and you may wish to look good without makeup too… for that, you need naturally flawless skin in freezing temperatures. Get them with diligent skincare and regular facials.


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