Why Gifting a Spa Certificate is an Act of Love?

Love has many languages. Some people express love by touch, others by words, while many people express love by actions. That is why, doing something for someone is one of the singular-most ways of showing them that you care for them, appreciate them, and love them. Gifts, therefore, are a universal language of love. And what better gift to give someone than the gift of care and relaxation? A simple spa certificate, when gifted to someone special, tells a whole tale of how you want them to take care of themselves and enjoy some downtime.

Here are the 7 big reasons — why gifting a spa certificate is an act of love:

1. Bonding

Pubs and restaurants and gardens are good places to bond. But a spa is a different ballgame altogether. If you want to hang out with your best friend, then show them that your precious time together matters to you by booking a facial or a spa with them. Or gifting a spa certificate to them, so that you both can get some much-needed relaxation and skincare while chatting up. Couples’ massages are quite common nowadays, as are ‘mom and me’ skin spas and hair spas.

2. De stress

To love someone is to take care of their mental health too. By gifting a spa session to your loved one, you are ensuring that they effectively de-stress from their everyday pressures. This lowers their blood pressure, helps their body produce happy hormones, makes them joyful, and helps in overall, long term wellbeing.

3. Detox

All the stress, negative energy, pollutants, and daily dust weigh down the skin and the body. Therefore a spa massage or facial spa helps detox. Coupled with some fresh juices and aromatherapy, it rejuvenates the body as well as the mind. Gift a spa certificate to your loved one, and help them detoxify their skin and system.

4. A Gift of Glow

Skincare, facial spas, and other treatments when gifted to somebody show how much you care about their joy. A good, relaxing and rejuvenating facial restores the skin’s glow, bringing an instant burst of joy. That’s invaluable.

5. Boost of Self Confidence

According to a study, people who visit the spa regularly for treatments are happier. This happiness brings positive energy and a boost of self confidence. These people are more fired up to work on new things, meet new people, and deal positively with them. Many people also visit the spa just before a big event, not only to look good but also to feel good and confident.

6. Healthy Skin

Most people neglect their skin’s needs. Therefore it is very touching when somebody reminds you of how important it is to have good and healthy skin. Gift a facial spa certificate to your loved one, and see them enjoy a relaxing facial with skin treatments that leave them with smooth, supple, and happy skin. Exfoliation, microdermabrasion, hydration etc are some of the most common types of facials to gift somebody. Especially for women.

For men, you can gift facials that are targeted at men’s skin problems like shaving irritation, acne, stubborn blemishes, dry skin etc.

7. Relaxation

Give somebody a breather from their daily life. A trip to the spa is like hitting the pause button on the madness of the world, stealing a moment of relaxation for yourself. A nice, soothing massage calms your nerves. While some tender love and care for your skin add to the relaxation. Add to that some pampering like facials, hair treatments, aromatherapy etc, and it’s a perfect way to feel all loose and happy.

So instead of gifting things to your loved one, gift them an experience. Be it a birthday, an anniversary or a special occasion, a spa certificate speaks volumes about your love and care. What’s more, you can gift yourself one too and sprinkle some self-care. Nowadays spas and salons run special deals for celebratory days like Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. You can easily get discounts and special massages or facials targeted at your receiver. You can also customize your gift certificate to make it a couple’s treatment if you plan to take your partner.

With these amazing ideas, we sign off. Hope your loved one enjoys this gift and knows how much you value for them.