Why the Beginning of Summer Demands a Trip to the Spa?

It’s the season of summer and you have a long list of to-dos before the vacation season hits? From getting travel plans ready to shop for the beach, from stocking your refrigerator with fresh fruits and coconut waters to planning barbecues and pool parties. There is a lot to do for your friends and family. But in all this summer chaos, don’t forget to do something for yourself too! Don't forget to visit the spa. Why, you ask? Well, here’s why.

Why does the beginning of summer demand a trip to the spa? For these 5 main reasons:

1. Get Facials to Protect your Skin from the Heat

When summer is about to come, you must start to prep your skin for the heat. What does your skin need this season? Well, for starters, it needs sun and heat protection, which comes from a good sunscreen. But you also need to keep your skin hydrated and exfoliated, ready to battle breakouts. Oily and acne-prone skin types can get Acne Facials beforehand to clean their pores and keep their skin calm, while dry skin should get hydrating facials as they will be using lightweight moisturisers this season.

2. Get Some Permanent Makeup for your Holidays

A trip to the spa is not only to get facials and treat your skin but also to get vacation-ready. Permanent makeup is one of the best ideas to make your summer vacation perfect. All the busy travel days, poolside noons and beach mornings may wash out your makeup from time to time. But when you have visited the spa beforehand and gotten permanent makeup like microblading, eyelash extensions, permanent eyeliner and permanent lipliner, no water or sweat can touch you.

- Microblading: This is a permanent makeup procedure where a semi-permanent tattoo of hair-like strokes is added to your natural eyebrows. This makes them thicker, attractive and very low-maintenance.

- Eyelash Extensions: A pair of eyelash extensions made from silk, mink, faux mink or synthetic fibres is glued to your eyelids. They last for 3-4 weeks.

- Permanent Eyeliner: A semi-permanent pigment is deposited in the upper layers of your eyelid’s skin. This is done in the shape and colour of your chosen eyeliner and it lasts for 1-2 years.

- Permanent Lipliner: To get pouty, fuller and redder lips, a semi-permanent pigment is deposited to line your lips.

Because of permanent makeup, you save time, energy and money on makeup products during your holiday. What’s more, microblading, permanent eyeliner and permanent lipliner last a long time. About 1-3 years.

3. Get Your Eyebrows Threaded

In case you are not one for microblading, you will need to get your eyebrows tamed and in shape, no? Here’s where threading comes into the picture. Visit a spa to enjoy a facial, and then get your eyebrows threaded to look perfect and sharp. Threading is a better option than waxing or tweezing as it is lower on the pain threshold, is quick, and extremely precise. So before you plan a summer pool party or a beach vacay in the Bahamas, don’t forget to visit the spa.

4. Get Bikini and Brazilian Waxes to Show that Summer Bod

Most women start dieting and working out by spring’s end so that they can show off that summer bod! So get ready with smooth, supple skin all over. Get a Bikini wax from the spa. Or if you are adventurous then go for the Brazilian Wax. This way you can enjoy those bikini bottoms and short shorts without any fuss.

- Bikini Wax: Waxing the area that rims your bikini bottoms.

- Brazilian Wax: Waxing the complete pubic area.

5. Get Some Relaxation

With one or more of the above, you will enjoy some downtime at the spa. Since summer is bound to be a chaotic and busy time with constant parties, vacations, outings and travel, unwind with some pampering. This will not only relax your skin and body but also your mind. Many spas also offer full-body massages, foot massages and other therapies. Take advantage of those and indulge yourself!

So before you set out on your summer adventure, make sure to get ready! Visit a spa and if possible, take your friends along too so that you can bond and hang out. If you are looking to get bookings for facials or permanent makeup, or are ready for a threading or waxing session then you can call or book online at Savarnas Beauty Spa. We operate in the Virginia Beach area with 4 amazing spas, and welcome our summer crowd with open arm