Why to Get Eyelash Extensions in Fall?

Permanent Eyelash Extensions are such beautiful additions to your features. They are so pretty and so subtle, that people will turn to look at you twice and wonder what is it that you have done, but be unable to pinpoint exactly what. Since the season of fall is around, we thought we’d talk about why fall is such a great time to get these permanent eyelash extensions. Ideally, there is no perfect time to get them, but this season is one of the best. If you are interested in knowing more about why to get eyelash extensions in fall, then read on.

1. End of Summer Party Season

Fall marks the end of your constantly busy social calendar. All those summer parties, barbecues, and weekend beach soirees are now behind you. And along with those events, the daily dose of makeup application and removal too. This is hence a good time to get permanent eyelash extensions because you won’t be constantly applying and reapplying and removing makeup from around your lashes. This will protect the lash extension glue and make your permanent eyelash extensions last longer, stick better, and look natural. 

2. Festivities on the Horizon

Fall means the beginning of festivals and celebrations. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, Diwali to Hanukah, and of course, the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. You want to look naturally gorgeous in these, don’t you? Hence it is best to get permanent eyelash extensions at the beginning of fall. Then get a refill by November's end so that you are sorted for all of December. With these long, dark and thick voluminous lashes, you will be the centre of any party, making heads turn. And if you choose your extensions right, they will look so natural, as if you were born with those beauties! 

3. Dry Weather

Weather-wise, fall is such a perfect time. The air is cold, crisp, and dry. Many may not enjoy this season, but for those vying for eyelash extensions, fall is amazing. When you get your permanent eyelash extensions in the fall, the glue holding your lash extensions to your eyelashes remains firm and long-lasting. This is because the adhesive of this glue is quickly weakened by high levels of humidity in the air. It may even lead to brittle, falling and clumping eyelash extensions. Not in the fall season though!

4. Spring Shedding is Behind You

Spring shedding is a thing. Because your eyelashes do go through a season of shedding. It may vary from individual to individual, but a majority of humans shed their lashes in spring very frequently. That is why fall is a better season to get eyelash extensions. The science behind this is that every single eyelash extension is painstakingly fixed to your original eyelashes. And when your original eyelashes are naturally shed, the extensions also fall off. 

Fall Eyelash Extension Plan:

-     Book your permanent eyelash extensions appointment for the nearest slot.

-     Research looks and ideas that you like for the fall festive season.

-     Get your eyelash extensions.

-     They will be good to go for 3-4 weeks if taken care of. 

-     They will be waterproof and sweat-proof, and you will be able to apply mascara on them too.

-     Enjoy all festivities with your permanent lashes making you look a million bucks.

-     By 3-4 weeks, you may notice they begin to fall. You can either come back for refills to continue into winter and the Holiday Season.

-     Or you let them fall out and get a new pair of extensions for winter. 

-     You can also get your eyelash extensions removed completely and get new ones with a new style.

At Savarnas Beauty Spa we offer all the above services, and make sure to personalise every set of eyelash extensions to our individual client’s needs. Book an appointment now to fit into our fast-filling fall slots. You will have a variety of extension styles to choose from, you will decide on the volume and length of your extensions, as well as enjoy amazing benefits and unbelievable member prices! This fall, Savarnas will make sure you flaunt your eyelashes everywhere you go.