Men’s Winter Skincare Routine

While winter brings a host of changes in women’s skincare routines, men turn to the next available moisturiser and get on with it. But that’s not the best idea for your skin! After all, the season is bound to affect men’s skin just as harshly as it is bound to affect women’s. So just a new moisturiser won’t do. Here’s a breakdown of what a typical men’s winter skincare routine should be like. You can take pointers or use the whole routine for yourself, with no changes made!

 1. Warm Showers & Hydrating Wash

It’s winter, so naturally, your shower temperatures may go up. But beware — very hot water may strip your skin of oils and dry the surface, encouraging redness, irritation and skin trauma. Therefore go for short, lukewarm showers. And while you are choosing your shower products, make sure to read the labels well. Anything with alcohol, Salicylic acid, Benzoyl peroxide or artificial fragrances should be put back on the counter. Choose a hydrating face wash or cleanser, and a creamy moisturising body wash.

 2. Shaving Cream & Beard Care

The best time to shave is just after the shower, as your skin is soft and the hair is easy to remove. Especially in winter, when your skin immediately starts drying after your shower. So shave with a gentle and moisturising shaving cream. A shaving cream is important when you use a razor to shave as your skin is vulnerable to irritation, dryness and bumps that may cause cuts. Look for a shaving cream with aloe vera, glycerin or hyaluronic acid. As for your beard trimming and care, choose alcohol-free shampoos, conditioners and styling products. For your aftershave too, try and go alcohol-free.

 3. Face Moisturiser

When you step out of the shower and are done with your shaving, the first thing to do is moisturise your face. In winter this step gains even more significance as your skin will start drying and stretching rapidly as soon as you expose it to the elements. Use a rich and creamy moisturiser with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, glycerin, squalane, ceramides etc.

 4. Lip Balm & Hand Cream

Women appreciate a man with soft lips and well-kept hands. In winter, both these may take the brunt of the elements. So always follow your moisturiser with a colourless fragrance-free lip balm. It may feel girly at first, but that lip balm is going to save your lips from cracking, chapping and even bleeding in extreme cases. Keep a hand cream on your sink too so that you can rub it on your palms and the back of your hands. The skin on our hands is extra sensitive to cold and dryness. You don’t want to be shaking hands and having the other person feel your drying, chipping skin.

 5. Finish Up with Sunscreen

Bring your morning winter skincare routine to a close with a mild dose of sunscreen. You may argue that the sun is nowhere to be found with the frowning clouds and snowy weather, but the invisible rays of the sun are going to find you. Do not step out without your sunscreen, even on a gloomy winter day. Men are especially more susceptible to sun damage and even skin cancer resulting from it. What’s an extra layer on your skin if it gives you such important protection?

 6. Exfoliate

Exfoliation may not be a part of the daily men’s winter skincare routine, but it must feature at least once every 2-3 days. Why? Because the winter weather dries your skin layers to an extent that the upper layer starts becoming dead and crusty. That is why you may feel it stretchy and irritating, even painful sometimes. The use of a gentle exfoliator regularly prevents this, as the dead and dry layers of skin are removed, only to reveal the smooth and healthy lower layers. Keep the exfoliation for nights, or you can do this just after your shower. Apply a moisturiser immediately after exfoliation.

 7. Facial

Just like exfoliation, a facial is also not part of your daily routine. But you must make facials part of your monthly men’s winter skincare routine. Contrary to popular opinion. facial is not just for women, it is not just a way to pass time in a pampering environment, and it doesn’t only make skin glow. A facial is a healthy way to maintain your skin, and we have it on good authority here that male celebs have been getting them for as long as Hollywood studios have existed! So if you look at your favourite hunky Marvel superhero or the boy next door in a Netflix drama and wonder why they look so flawlessly cool — it’s because they take care of their skin. And get their facials on time.

Ideally, men need a facial every 4-5 weeks, and in winter it is even more essential you do not skip this time frame. The simple steps of cleaning, exfoliating and massaging your skin will leave you with a vitality on your face that you cannot achieve on your own. Book an appointment with Savarnas Beauty Spa today to ensure that you start on your facial routine. Do it for the winter season only first, and see how well your skin feels every month. You will definitely make it a monthly thing!